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Bathtime Rituals with TOTM

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

Feeling like you need to hit pause? Consider taking a bath. Even if you can only spare 30 minutes a day, think of the bath a space to put yourself first and take time out to relax. 

We asked Alex, the Social Communications Executive at TOTM, a British organic tampon, pad, and liner company, what her bathtime rituals are. Check it out:


Build your Spa

"I like to re-create the zen atmosphere of a spa at home to help unwind and forget about the stresses of daily life. I make sure the room temperature is comfortable, lock away my phone and infuse the bathroom with a relaxing scent. I recommend choosing scents with notes of lavender if you’re feeling agitated, vanilla if you’re feeling stressed or ylang-ylang if want to restore balance. I love either adding a few drops of scented essential oil to a room diffuser or to the bath water. Light scented candles too—candles add a warm glow to the room, which is perfect if you’re feeling tired. Opt for a soy wax candle for a cleaner product that won’t emit toxins into the air!"

Add Music

"To build on this chilled-out atmosphere, I always add quiet music into my relaxing bath time routine. The trick is to find a playlist that works for you, and then use this every time you bathe. That way your mind will start to associate the playlist with relaxation! Try out a few music options until you find the one. A few suggestions to get you started: for a worldly, adventurous playlist try Ali Farke Touré or for a light hearted, folk-inspired sound try Joanna Newsom’s ‘Have One on Me’ album."


"Before I step into the tub, I like to make sure there are no obstacles ahead that will disrupt that relaxing feeling. Get your drying towel ready, and ideally place it on a heater. Wrapping yourself in a warm towel post-bath is AMAZING. It’s a trick that I swear by. Alongside your towel, get a comfy outfit ready to wear when you’ve finishing bathing."

"When it comes to prepping the bath water, I like to keep this simple. Too much product can irritate your skin. Natural, essential oils are ideal for a relaxing bath. Mix scents to up your bath game without drying out skin." 


"I remind myself to slow down and breathe as soon as I get into the tub. Let your body relax and take a few deep breaths to breathe out any tension. If I've enriched my bath with relaxing oils, I work these into my skin with a light muscle massage. I'll focus on tense parts of my body, like my shoulders and ankles.  Try it out—your body will thank you for it!"

Alex Patience is a Social, Communications, and Content Executive at TOTM.