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How to Bathe like a Beauty Blogger

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

This post was written by Clarissa Debates, @cafeconclarissa.

Baths are an essential for me, I feel like they can solve any problem and boost any positive mood. I try to take one at least once a week. I use it as a relaxing step before bed so I normally like to rinse off in the shower before beginning my routine. I start by running the bath, I only use hot water, and I make it as hot as I can take it. I follow by lighting some candles, finding a relaxing playlist or podcast to listen to, putting on a face mask,  and preparing my bath-time "snow cone". Which is made up of epsom salt and oil.

I've always loved adding epsom salt to my baths, it helps soothe any body aches, whether it be from chronic pain, working out, or even the weather (I'm talking to you Winter). I'm not particular about the brand, but I normally grab a large unscented bag from my local Target. 

Now for the oil, I was never particular to begin with, as I've only started incorporating it into my baths this past fall. I just wanted to add the softening and moisturizing properties of it, in an attempt to make my bath the true last step of my evening. When I finally purchased Fur oil in December it became one of my favorite body oils, as it quickly absorbs into the skin. But when I began adding it into my baths, that's when the best part hit me, the scent. The strongest note I find is that of citrus, which I can only assume is from the lemon peel oil. I find the aroma brings me warm memories truly making my bath, an experience.

Now onto the "snow cone", I call it this because of how the oil on the epsom salt mimics the look of flavored syrup on shaved ice. In the past I would just put the epsom salt and the oil into the bath individually. But I found that while the epsom salt would sink to the bottom and dissolve, the oil would just pool at the top (think back to science class, the tube with several different liquids, and oil would always rise and float above the water). So I found that when I allow the epsom salt to absorb the oil, when I pour it into the hot bath, the oil would sink to the bottom with the epsom salt and dissolve, suspending tiny beads of it throughout the water rather than  stuck floating at the top. This allows the oil to truly glaze my whole body while I'm bathing. Helping me relax, and honestly, on some days skip rubbing on lotion so I can go straight to bed. 

To recreate my "snow cone", I recommend getting a small glass bowl. Add a few scoops of epsom salt into your bowl, I use approximately 1.5 cups. Then top off with some oil, I use about 2-3 droppers of Fur oil. I allow it to soak for about 3-5 minutes, or however long it takes me to find a playlist and put on a face mask. Once I shut off the tap, I pour in my concoction, step in and relax. Knowing I'll step out moisturized, soothed, and most often ready for bed.