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Posted by: Guest Contributor

We asked one of our favorite beauty gurus and poet, Despina of @desseydoll, if she could write us a piece inspired by FUR. She says, "I wrote it with an abundance of love and inspiration, inspired from the acts of self love. My goal was to be subtle with key words also relating to FUR." The result is this beautiful piece, Concentrate.


Let us forget about tangibility and more about feeling

It all starts with you

The sentiment of a subtle touch can linger,
thriving to flourish and grow
And there is no such thing as a structured craft of lingering,
but one whose desires wander and linger endlessly

And so we introduce the act of self care,
To relish the moments of delicacy and self love

May we not loathe ourselves but bathe in love instead
May we shower in the juice of the fruits we bite into and the
flowers we pick from our beautiful garden
that is our temple

We are exquisite in everything we do,
and for a second, can you please hold onto that?
We are glorious souls that know the depths of what it is to
cherish ourselves
through the one thing that keeps our souls fed,
and I affirm
that this is not consumerism

They are things of different consistencies and sizes,
different formulations but all targeted towards you and your

Let us forget about the tangibility and more about the feeling

Let us concentrate from within out

And for a second, let us breathe

We are the epitome of what it is to love
To be one
And to take action in taking care
Of not only our sanity but our homes

This is your delicacy.