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Fur Shelf Love

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

There are endless terms for pubic hair—"hair down there", "carpet", "lady garden"—that make it clear that it's a topic long relegated to whispers and private browsing google searches. 

 While we at FUR decided to focus on feel more than look, we knew it was important to the destigmatization process to create products you aren't ashamed of having on display. Rather than being shoved under the sink with your Nair bottle and toe corn bandaids, a bottle of Fur Oil wouldn't look out of place next to your perfume or face masks.  

FUR moodboard, circa 2013.

When FUR was first conceptualized, we took inspiration from old YSL perfume bottles, Chanel packaging, and the sensuality of femmes depicted throughout art history. Yes, a box that states "For pubic hair" can also be chic. 

Nowadays, one quick glance at the hashtag #FURinthewild brings up a flurry of shelfies, with Fur Oil, Stubble Cream, and Ingrown Concentrate all proudly being flaunted. Great for your shelfie, great for your skin, great for your fur.