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Holiday Gift Guide Fur Your Friends

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

The holidays are quickly approaching - which means, it’s time to brainstorm gifts fur your friends!

Sure, you could just grab them a candle or an assortment of fancy chocolates, but we at Fur are maximalists. You’re all about the best. Your friends deserve the best. They deserve bathtime bliss in a box. So, what about a gift assortment of products they’ll try and love on a spa night?

Fur products make the perfect gifts for a ‘spa theme.’ Try orienting a gift bundle around the bathtub, prepping a relaxing night in the bath for your friends. Package together the following Fur products with a cute note like, “A rough week at work doesn’t have to mean rough skin!” Your friend will laugh when they open it… and sigh with relief when that rough week inevitably rolls around and they’re ready to soak their troubles away in the bathtub.

  1. Fur Oil. Actress Emma Watson hails our Fur Oil potion as ‘all purpose’ - so whatever your friend’s spa needs are, this little bottle will do the trick. Fur Oil can serve as anything from a shaving pre-game (it softens hair to prime for shaving) to a split end fuser (again - it softens hair!), making it the perfect versatile gift. It’s also our signature product, so it’s the perfect introduction to our product selection!

  2. Silk Scrub. There is something so therapeutic about a good exfoliation - there’s nothing like sloughing off those dead skin cells to make you feel brand new. If you know their decompress spa bath is going to be all Netflix watching with no pampering effort, make sure to let them know that this scrub works all on its own - they just need to let it sit for 10 minutes, then gently massage it off. Why should spa time call for work?

  3. A pre-made Fur product set. We told you we love to bundle the goods together! We have three product sets available to make your gift-choosing decision even easier:

- The Body Duo, which comes with our Silk Scrub and Stubble Cream

- The Full Frontal, which includes Fur Oil, Ingrown Concentrate, and Stubble Cream

-The Fuller Frontal, which includes all those Full Frontal goods PLUS the Silk Scrub (sounds like the right call for your very best friend… for a very relaxing spa night).

Whatever combination you choose, we recommend you toss in some other goodies, such as a face mask, lavender oil for relaxation, their favorite color nail polish, or maybe even a jade roller to make it the perfect bath time experience.

It’s the perfect holiday gift package fur anyone you love.