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Making the Most of Your Bath Routine

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

Written by Fur Contributor Jane Morgan

Whether you’re feeling the post-holiday season blues or the winter weather is taking a toll on your skin and serotonin levels, baths can help you relax and recharge while providing your skin with some serious hydration and glow. For me, baths have always been a way to do something simple that makes me feel good without leaving my apartment, which is getting increasingly harder to do this time of year. To make them feel extra special, I fill the room with my favorite things. I’ll brew some tea, make a snack, light a candle, and listen to music that helps me zone out or set up my laptop on a stool to watch the latest episode of one of my favorite shows. I have super sensitive skin that is prone to contact dermatitis and dryness, so I fill my bath with simple, clean products that leave me feeling ultra soothed and moisturized. If you’re in need of some inspiration to revamp your bath time, here is a rundown of my ideal bath situation.


Make your favorite snack

My favorite bath snacks are easy and mess-free. I like to make a plate of apple slices with honey and brie, frozen grapes, or a little bowl of nuts with olive oil, flaky salt, and rosemary. If you want something a little more elevated but still very easy, you could roast chickpeas tossed in olive oil and your favorite spices at 450 degrees for 30 minutes or until they’re deliciously golden brown and crispy. Transfer them to a bowl and bring them with you for a satisfying treat that won’t get everywhere.


Brew some tea

I always bring a mug of tea and a glass of water with me to the bath to stay hydrated. My go-to is turmeric ginger tea with honey and a squeeze of lemon. If you want something that will help you relax before bed, you could try a calming or sleepytime tea with honey.


Choose your music

When you’re in the bath, you don’t want to bother with drying your hands off every time you want to change the song. I like making playlists of songs that I never get tired of and ones that I can generally zone out to. Here’s a playlist of the current bath time songs I have on rotation.

Do a pre-bath rinse

    I always rinse off before I take a bath to get clean before I soak. This is also a great chance to exfoliate to maximize the effects of a moisturizing bath. My new go-to is to put Silk Scrub on my dry brush, and exfoliate all over. I let that sink in for a few minutes before rinsing, and my skin always thanks me for it.


    Draw your bath to fit your skin needs

      Since my skin suffers from dryness this time of year, I love a bath that will help me hydrate and nourish. I add a scoop of lavender epsom salt to the running water because it calms my skin, soothes aches, and the scent is really relaxing. Next, I add two droppers full of Fur Oil to the water. I love how silky soft my skin feels after a Fur soak, and this is especially helpful if I have any pesky ingrowns or skin irritation, which I’m prone to getting. To double-down on the hydration, I add a scoop of coconut oil or a little argan oil, which is great for some extra glow and softness.



        Light your favorite candle or some palo santo, and create a space that feels good to relax in. Treating your bath like an oasis in your own home is easy, cost-effective, and immensely rewarding. Your skin will feel softer than ever, and you’ll sleep better having taken the time to unwind before bed. Put on your favorite face mask, turn off your mind for a little while, and let yourself enjoy the mental and physical break–you deserve it.