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Meet: Alex & Grace

Posted by: Guest Contributor

This post is part of a series spotlighting the team that helped FUR make our How-To videos. To see the rest of the interviews, click here. 

If you've had a look around the FUR website, you may have noticed videos on our product pages, and various portraits around the site. Meet Alex Lianopoulos and Grace Rivera, two photographers based in Portland and NYC, and the creative duo behind FUR's how-to videos and web photography. 

Alex Lianopoulos

"I'm bit of an anomaly in this industry, I have this weird right brain/left brain thing happening. For my day job I work in Production at Wieden and Kennedy in Portland. On the side, I art direct, photograph, and produce my own photo + motion shoots. I gravitate towards work + brands with strong female messaging at their core. My work is here and my instagram is here."


On inspiration she found leading up to the shoot

"The Fur brand itself was a huge inspiration to us. You all are creating such a unique space in the beauty/self care industry that feels a little less prescriptive and rigid, and a little more silly and human. We wanted to carry that forward through the videos, while also staying conscious of creating a body positive message that didn't discriminate or alienate anyone based on how they groom."

On the aesthetic of the videos

"Dreamy, clean, and a touch aspirational while remaining true to the brand."

On bath time routines

"I take baths at least once a week. My favorite thing to do is make the water as hot as I can stand, then open all the windows in my bathroom to create a little outdoor soaking pool moment. I love dumping an entire bag of Dr. Teal epsom salts (the avocado one is hands down the best) with a few drops of the Fur Oil directly into the tub for moisture. I also drink an entire glass of ice water during and after, and lather up with oil when I'm done! It's the best recipe for sleep if you do it in the evening. Add a hydrating mask to the whole situation and you've basically got yourself an at home spa ; )"

Last thoughts

"Just wanted to say - it's really incredible what happens when small, female owned businesses give these huge opportunities to young creatives. My favorite work I've made over the last couple years was all made because someone with a brand and a voice gave me the reins to do (pretty much) whatever I wanted creatively. 

Thanks Fur! We've been fan girls since day 1 so this entire experience has been a dream for us."

Grace Rivera

"After completing my BFA in Photography at RISD I found myself working for W+K Portland on the Art Production team doing visual research and assisting the producers/creative teams. My work is mainly portraiture and as that started to pick up momentum I got an opportunity to go on a world tour with up & coming UK singer Jacob Banks. I've recently moved to New York and transitioned fully to freelance to continue touring with Jacob and devote the rest of my time to doing what I love. I'm looking to shoot more in the realm of music and fashion so if anyone's reading this hit y'girl up. My work lives here and you can follow me on instagram here."

On inspiration she found leading up to the shoot

"Alex and I were immediately drawn to Fur's overall identity via the website and instagram. That chartreuse green is powerful. I think she says it quite perfectly that we were vibing off of that silly/human side of the brand. I was very drawn to skin textures and soft light. Our image references were a mix of velvety materials, powerful portraiture, shadow play, and a few fine art nudes."

On the aesthetic of the videos

"It's an interesting topic to make art around and we were excited about telling these stories in a delicate and beautiful, yet bold and unapologetic way."

On bath time

"It's rare that I find myself in a bathtub, but when I do we're talking red wine, candles, some kinda bath bomb situation, and likely reruns of the OC on my laptop."

Last thoughts

"Building off what Alex wrote¬†‚ÄĒ what was so special about this whole project was what an incredible opportunity it was to work with an extremely talented group of females all with completely unique skill sets. It was such an honor bringing these films and images to life in a light that celebrates all kinds of body hair! Thank you indeed."