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Meet the Makeup Artist: Lana

Posted by: Guest Contributor

This post is part of a series spotlighting the team that helped FUR make our How-To videos. To see the rest of the interviews, click here

Lana Shapiro

I was born + raised in the Bay Area and have my mama to thank for my passions. Saturdays were my favorite growing up—I spent the whole day watching her getting ready for her singing gigs. Glitter was always invited and made a dramatic appearance. Those Saturdays are the reason I fell in love with makeup. 

I landed my first MUA (makeup artist) job when I was 16 and eager at a fashion show in San Francisco. In the following years, I spent my evenings and weekends working in cosmetics from Origins to MAC. I’m currently working a 9-6 job managing the day-to-day operations of four west coast offices. I spend my weekends freelancing for editorial shoots or occasionally at MAC. You can find my work on my Instagram or website! I’ve developed a niche for a neat and natural aesthetic but will always have my blending brush on hand for a smokey eye. 

I’m a typical Pisces. You can literally cross reference any Pisces characteristics description with my own, they’re practically duplicates. 

Shoot Inspiration

The mood board for this FUR shoot embodied a clean, dewy and fresh look. I looked through a ton of shower and pool photos for inspiration. I wanted to create an aesthetic where showering can be glam and sexy because IT IS—at least before you wash your highlighter off. The FUR gals gave me the freedom to add color where appropriate. 

Her Self Care Ritual

Self-care rituals are necessary to start and end with everyday. Without them I don’t look like the dewy dumpling I deserve to be. Listen to your skin and its needs. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, get unlimited Sephora mask samples, and finally, moisturize. Thank me later. 

There really isn't anything as powerful as talented women coming together to create, especially when untamed.