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Meet the Models: Will & Janae

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

This post is part of a series spotlighting the team that helped FUR make our How-To videos. To see the rest of the interviews, click here

If you've had a look around the FUR website, you may have noticed the videos on our product pages. Meet Will Nielsen and Janae Ball, two models the starred in our "how to" videos. 

Will Nielsen

"I'm a student at the University of Oregon studying advertising and film. I'm an Aries / Taurus cusp (Taurus April 21), although I've heard that cusps are not a thing. This FUR shoot was actually my first paid modeling job! I'm a full-time photographer."

"I wash my face every night and every morning and try to abstain from hot Cheetos as much as possible, but sometimes I cannot resist. I use all Kiehls products—the Cucumber Conditioning cleanser, the Calendula toner, and Skin Rescuer moisturizer. I sound like a rep lol."

Janae Ball

"My name is Janae, and I am a creative specializing in performance art. Currently I am a dancer for Portland's premier vogue house "The House of Ada", a co-host Soul Food radio on XRAY FM Portland/Vancouver, and a vocalist. In my free time, you can find me listening to smooth jazz, acknowledging dogs before their owners, and cutting avocados with care. I am also a Gemini, but not crazy. My work can be found here." 

"My bath time routine consists of a Sade playlist and essential oils. I like to add a few drops of tea tree or rose hip oil to my bath water to make my skin the perfect canvas for exfoliation and shaving. Some palo santo and a glass of merlot are typically by my side as well."