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Meet the Stylist: Emma

Posted by: Guest Contributor

This post is part of a series spotlighting the team that helped FUR make our How-To videos. To see the rest of the interviews, click here

Emma Connelly

"I'm Emma Connelly—Aquarius. I'm 20 years old and studying studio art and art history in Los Angeles but I'm from Portland -- that's how I got linked up with the Fur shoot! I'm trying to be a fashion stylist / general creative assistant in any projects. I just like helping make visions happen and I love especially when I can help make images and help people feel really good, beautiful, powerful. Peep my Instagram (@2damnpale) and my website."

Shoot Inspiration

"I was thinking a lot about Into the Gloss which is where I first heard about Fur Oil in an Emma Watson interview a couple months before I did the shoot. I thought about how I wanted to communicate the huge emphasis Fur puts on natural body care that is actually good for you and respects all bodies. My mom and I have really different sensibilities regarding personal care and I wanted her to be able to see these pictures and be really drawn to them from a luxury standpoint, while my friends could see them and feel like a brand was on their side and encouraging them to value their bodies and make the first steps towards investing in themselves, their health, wellness, confidence for life."

Aesthetic Inspiration

"Our Art Director Alex Lianopoulos gave me an awesome mood board to draw on so I want to give big kudos to her. My personal aesthetic definitely leans vintage and a little rock-n-roll so I did a lot of vintage shopping for the shoot, as well as drawing on my personal stash and some of my friends who have awesome lingerie collections. It was also really important to me that everyone looked timeless because self care and bathing rituals are such a CLASSIC. Like Cleopatra had her servants pour vats of scented lovely oils over her head with every bath. Each culture, at every period, has their own bathing rituals. I wanted to communicate that Fur was a natural part of that ritual. Finally, I wanted all the models to really look like and feel like themselves, especially because a shoot where you're nearly nude can be a bit nerve wracking!"

Her Self Care Ritual

"I only shower like once a week because I have curly hair and I'm really lazy so when I shower it's a Big Production and I exfoliate my ENTIRE body with a Moroccan bath mitt or a pumice stone. Critical next step: I douse myself in lotion (and I sling some Fur Oil on any body hair). I usually with a bit of expensive scented body oil mixed into the lotion which is what feels like the real self care part because I have to work the body oil in slowly so I give myself a good rub down. It gives a really light scent, prolongs the life of whatever bougie body oil I use, and is super hydrating. And I always wash my sheets after I shower because nothing in the entire world feels better than being smooth, moisturized, and wrapped in crisp clean cotton."