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Meet Wash Cloth and Ingrown Eliminator

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

We believe in self-care, everywhere. That's why we made two on-the-go, easy to use wipes: meet Wash Cloth and Ingrown Eliminator. Shop them exclusively at Ulta Beauty.

Wash Cloth is the ultimate full body refresh. It's a large biodegradable cloth saturated with essential waters and a bit of Fur Oil to soften skin while removing dirt, bacteria, and sweat on the go. It's safe for your most sensitive areas, ample enough to cleanse your whole body, and leaves your skin supple, soft, and utterly refreshed. 

Ingrown Eliminator is a quick and easy solution to post-removal hair care. It's a serum-soaked finger mitt that soothes irritation and eradicates bumps, resulting in clear skin. We formulated it with clean ingredients, and made sure it was dermatologically and gynecologically tested to be safe enough to use all over body.


In 2017, we sent out a poll to both our Fur fans and our trusted Fur retailers, asking what they wanted from us in the upcoming year. The first product to come from that survey was Silk Scrub. The second favorite of the poll was a way to both take Fur more conveniently on the go, and soaked pads for eliminating ingrowns. After testing out dozens of different formulas, textures of wipes, and box designs, we landed on the gorgeous black cloth and finger mitt. We're so happy to add two new additions to our Fur family—and to get Fur in as many hands as possible, we partnered with Ulta Beauty to get all of your favorite Fur products in over 300 stores across the U.S.