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Using Fur after a hair removal disaster

Posted by: Guest Contributor

Hi, I’m Gabi! My full name is Gabriela Indahl. I’m 21 years old and was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I love to travel and experience new places. You’ll easily find me singing showtimes and I prefer movies and tv over books. My interest in goops, easy makeup, and glowy skin is why I started my beauty Instagram @getglowy. I have also recently launched my blog You can easily connect with me through these places and or though my personal Instagram (@thelittlegabi). 

Pubes. There I said it. That word has always made me cringe. Not that there's anything wrong with it, we all have them But, for so long the word 'pubes' or 'pubic' would weird me out, like the word 'moist' for many others. Anyone relate?  

I first learned of FUR when watching a Ladylike BuzzFeed video. This is when my passion for beauty and skincare began. At this point, I wasn't really using any body products, maybe some lotion but most nights I'd forget. I was so intrigued; a product that's 100% natural and made to help with ingrown hairs and soften hair.

Taking care of pubic hair was a foreign act to me, but it felt necessary especially since I wasn’t consistently grooming. My mom taught me that there was a reason we have hair growing down there (no shame to anyone who loves a hair-free area). So I've had a full bush and it’s always been normal for me. I would get a bikini wax every now and again right before a beach holiday but other than that, no grooming. I never shaved, who wants to deal with the painful itching that shaving leaves behind? Plus the ingrown hairs and overall irritation suck! But at the same time my hair was a pain, it was coarse and dry, just like my skin.

So this summer in an attempt to save money and time in making an appointment for waxing I decided to buy the Nair sensitive formula cream. Long story short by the end of the experience my full bush had been trimmed down to the root. When I had originally planned to just clean up of the bikini line. The maintenance down there had been minimal for a long time. It had been ten years since I’d been completely bare down there. I missed my bush and I was prepared for itching and irritation as it grew back. Gratefully I had already been in contact with Fur and knew their products would help me. I had tried their Stubble Cream before and it was a life-saving product. I was excited to see the differences the Fur oil, Ingrown Concentrate and Stubble Cream made on my hair and skin.

Using FUR products gave me a confidence I didn't even know existed. This experience changed how I felt about an awkward topic. I realized how much I loved taking care of my pubic hair and that it was just as important as taking care of the hair on our heads, a new way of looking at hair and body care. Fur has created a way to naturally and effectively care for one of the most delicate, sensual places on our bodies while making it oh so luxurious. And now after a month of consistently using Fur my pubes are living their best life. I can't imagine my nightly routine without Fur products. My pubic area and armpits are ingrown free,my freshly shaven legs are nourished, and my eyebrows have been growing thicker faster.

Fur has been life-changing in how I've viewed this topic and my body care.