How to Get Rid of Butt Bumps

Posted by: Leila Scott

Irritation bumps don’t just show up on your legs, armpits or pubic area - sometimes they’re on your cheeks! If you’re dealing with butt bumps, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, they’re actually really common. They appear when the hair follicle is irritated from repeated friction like wearing tight underwear, bottoms, or shaving and they may look like acne, but they’re not. In just three steps, we’ll show you how to get rid of butt bumps at home. 

Silk Scrub, Stubble Cream and Ingrown Concentrate

Step One: Silk Scrub
In the shower, start by massaging the scrub onto wet skin. Our formula of Jojoba beads unclogs follicles and removes excess sebum to prevent ingrowns while pineapple and papaya enzymes remove dead skin cells and fight inflammation.

Step Two: Stubble Cream
After you dry off, use our all over body moisturizer to soothe skin, especially post-hair removal. Ingredients such as lavender oil soothes irritated skin, and tea tree oil speeds up the skin's healing process and prevents ingrowns.

Step Three: Ingrown Concentrate
Apply a few drops of Ingrown Concentrate anywhere prone to bumps as a soothing spot treatment. A blend of coconut, tea tree, and tamanu oils work with chamomile extract to promote healthy cell growth, soothe redness, and eradicate dryness. 

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