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to any hairy (or hairless) situation.

Why do I need FUR?

Just as head hair doesn't "need" to be conditioned, neither does pubic hair. That being said, we provide options to care for your hair and skin to elevate your daily routine. If you want all natural products to minimize ingrown hairs, bumps, and soften hair then FUR is for you.

Which FUR products are right for me?

We recommend Fur Oil for areas where you tend to keep more hair, e.g. the center of your pubic area. Stubble Cream for areas where you remove hair, e.g., the bikini line, and Ingrown Concentrate on any specific irritations think of it as a blemish cream as opposed to the daily ritual of Fur Oil and Stubble Cream.

Some people (including the FUR team) also have preferences by body part-Fur Oil on your pubic area, Stubble Cream on your legs and Ingrown Concentrate on any irritated areas, e.g. the bikini line or the neck for men.

FUR products are great for any part of the body where you want to care for both hair and skin such as legs, under the bum, underams, chest, and beards. A lot of people get ingrowns wherever there is skin and hair.

Are your product safe?

FUR products have been safety tested dermatologically and gynecologically to EU regulation standards, which are stricter than US standards. That being said, if you experience irritation discontinue use, and of course consult your doctor regarding your specific situation.

FUR products are 100% natural, and free of phthalates, parabens, sulfates, silicones, acids, cortisones, and any artificial dyes and fragrances, they are gluten free and vegan. 

Do I need FUR if I lasered all my hair off?

Even if you have no hair, you probably have skin. Additionally, most people do some annual upkeep to stay hair-free. In between these sessions when you are shaving, you may like to use FUR products.

How often should I use Fur?

As FUR products are all natural, consistent use is important for full efficacy. We recommend using our products on clean hair and skin (e.g. after bathing) every day as part of your beauty ritual.

What are the results?

How long does it take to see them?

Fur Oil and Stubble Cream are like any other facial or hair care regimen: it takes at least 2 weeks of continuous daily use to see results. Over time, you should notice softer hair and that you have fewer ingrown hairs on a regular basis, Ingrown Concentrate is much faster acting your skin should start to feel better after 15 minutes, and redness should also subside.

How does it smell?

We didn't add any specific fragrances to the FUR products though a lot of people describe it as "spa-like" it does have a light lemon/lavender scent that dissipates after several minutes. It's not about masking or covering your natural scent.

Can I return the product? What is the trial period?

Yes we accept all returns no questions asked within 60 days of purchase. Email for more details.  Please have your order information available. Unfortunately we can only accept products purchased from our website.

How will the product be shipped?

We ship FUR in a discrete brown postal box, unbranded.

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