Wave Goodbye To Dry Winter Skin

Posted by: Ashley Lieberman

Wave Goodbye To Dry Winter Skin 

It’s winter time which means it’s time to pull out your coziest sweaters and pass the eggnog! The chilly air makes the perfect backdrop for all your Hallmark movie fantasies, but it can also leave your skin looking and feeling dull and dehydrated. If you experience winter skin dehydration, relax, you are definitely not alone! Dry skin is especially common in the winter months, as the humidity level outside drops. When the air outside is cold and dry, the water in your skin evaporates more quickly. Add in dry indoor heat and you have a recipe for itchy and flaky skin. Luckily, Winter skin dehydration can be easily prevented with the right products and regimen! 

Moisturizing begins in the shower

Typically when you cleanse, you actually strip your skin of its natural oils. Since these oils help to lock in moisture, it’s vital to replace them. All Body Wash is an exception to this rule because it’s a completely non-stripping cleanser. With ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil that restores the skin’s moisture levels, and Vitamin E which moisturizes and heals damaged skin. All Body Wash actually deeply hydrates while cleansing the skin, and because it’s pH-balanced, it’s gentle enough for use daily. 

Prep for Harsh Winter Weather 

One of the best ways to prep your skin to face the harsh winter months out of the shower, is a rich, nourishing moisturizer, like our Stubble Cream. Stubble Cream not only moisturizes the skin, with ingredients such as Olive Extracts, but also contains Lavender Oil, an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial oil that heals and soothes irritated skin. Stubble Cream is perfect for use directly out of the shower, and because it’s fast absorbing, also makes an excellent spot-treatment or hand balm throughout the day! 


One of my favorite Wintertime “hacks” for fighting dryness is tossing Fur Oil into my bag whenever I’m out of the house. It’s not as intensely hydrating as Stubble Cream, but it’s great to have on deck. It’s especially crucial after washing my hands or applying hand sanitizer—both of which dry me out like crazy! Adding a few drops anywhere I’m feeling cracked or irritated instantly soothes and softens my skin. Like Stubble Cream, Fur Oil also absorbs quickly so it’s perfect for when you’re on the go! 


When it comes to Winter Skin Dehydration, prevention is key—it’s easier to keep your skin feeling moisturized than it is to correct cracked and dry skin. Get yourself into a hydrating routine now and you’ll be ready for any flurries that come your way.  

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