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Head to toe, bare to bushy: Fur for all.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum of bare to full, Fur provides natural care to hydrate skin, soften hair, and eradicate ingrowns from head to toe.

Why we created it

A more inclusive definition of beauty, whether you think the bush is back or skin is in. Beautiful, natural, and effective skincare and haircare for up top, down there, and everywhere in between. Welcome to the new era of body care.

Benefits of use

All of our super gentle, acid-free formulas soothe and smooth skin to treat and prevent ingrowns, while softening hair and refining regrowth.

Only the finest ingredients

Our line is created with the cleanest natural, non-toxic ingredients for your most intimate areas.

Is Fur for you?

For Waxers

Use daily between waxing sessions for gentler removal of hair, and as a post-waxing treatment to soothe red, irritated skin. Prevents ingrowns, smooths skin, and makes regrowth appear finer.

For au naturale

Care for your head, face, underarms, bikini, and legs with equal attention. Our natural, lightweight oil is effective enough for the face and gentle enough for down there. Soften hair and clear pores all over the body for healthy, happy skin and hair that looks as good as it feels.

For shavers

Stubble Cream works as the ultimate aftershave to smooth areas where hair has been removed completely and to soften prickly stubble. With daily use, live blissfully ingrown-, bump- and razor burn-free.

Fur was founded by women who believe in natural, beautiful care for every part of the bodyโ€”for every body.

We work with dermatologists and gynecologists on each product to take great care of hair and the skin that surrounds it, whether you choose to wax, shave, trim, buzz, or laser. Because what you do with your body is your business, bottling the cleanest and most effective ingredients for your body is ours.

Everything you need

The Fuller Frontal

The full set of FUR products for daily hair/skin care and ingrown prevention for the entire body.

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