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No one knows body and haircare like estheticians. Check out some of their favorite Fur products to get you started.


Brow Bandit
New York, NY

My absolute favorite Fur product is the Ingrown Concentrate. It has helped so many of my clients get rid of their bumps. It can be used anywhere on the face and body which makes it super versatile for all of my clientele. The most amazing quality it has is that it moisturizes the area in question while doing its job, unlike many other ingrown related products that can be very stripping.

Ingrown Concentrate

Healing & soothing.

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The extra credit goes to the cute hand mitt it comes with for easy application. It is a holy grail product at our studio.

— aisha, brow bandit, nyc about ingrown concentrate


lakewood, colorado

Hands down my favorite Fur product is Silk Scrub. I love using it as a mask on my face and bikini area. My clients have been loving it as well, especially that they can literally use it anywhere. I will be a forever customer!

Silk Scrub

Gentle & exfoliating.

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The Cheeky Peach Waxing Studio
Edina, Minnesota

My absolute favorite Fur product is the signature Fur Oil! It is luxurious and effective for at home aftercare post all body waxing! Not only has it made an incredible difference backbar in my treatment room with how it soothes the skin pre and post-wax, I love anything that is safe and beneficial to use immediately on compromised skin!

Fur Oil

Our signature product.

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How to Use Fur Oil

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Howell, NJ

Fur Oil is MAGIC in a bottle, it closes your pores after waxing. It’s the perfect blend of oils to nourish and protect your skin from breakouts! Not to mention it smells AMAZING! There is nothing else I would put on our guests’ skin after waxing.

Fur Oil

Our signature product.

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