How to use the Fur Trimmer

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

The Fur Trimmer

When we launched the Fur Trimmer, our first-ever tool meant for trimming and shaving hair, our number one goal was making something that could work for every body, no matter your hair type or grooming need. Whether you’re a first-time trimmer user or an old-timer, we gathered up some of our most-asked questions and answered them here:

Who is this Trimmer for?

The world of trimmers is extremely gendered, and left us frustrated with the limited options. Trimmers designed for men are typically bulkier, not waterproof, and have wider trimmer heads meant first and foremost for beards, whereas trimmers designed for women are smaller, flimsier, and designed with pinks and purples. Our Trimmer is a response to those—we stripped away those gender notions, and just focused on great design. It’s cordless, water-resistant, and has an LED spotlight, which makes it great for use on body hair, has rounded safety blades so you can use it safely on pubic hair, and has an incredibly powerful motor, so you can use it on even the thickest of beards. Every feature in the Fur Trimmer was meant to represent a different grooming need, so you can be sure that no matter what style you’re going after or what hair you want to groom, the Fur Trimmer will work for you.

What’s the difference between an electric trimmer and a traditional razor?

A traditional razor shaves the hair off as close as you can get to the follicle, and often removes a thin layer of skin in the process. This offers you the closest possible shave, but is often irritating on the skin, and can leave cuts or nicks in the process.

An electric hair trimmer has combs that run through the hair and catch them, and blades beneath the combs that cut the hair off. Because of the comb, the blades themselves are slightly further away from the skin. While it will still remove any visible hair on the surface, you won’t get as close of a shave as a traditional razor. However, because your skin is protected by the comb, you run far less risk of irritation, nicks, or razor burn, and can shave more quickly without having to wet the skin.

How does trimming with this work?

The Fur Trimmer has three guides, with short (1 mm), medium (2.5 mm), and long (5 mm) lengths. If you’re hair trimming, snap on the length that you want, turn the Trimmer on, and comb through the hair you’d like trimmed. The key is to use short, even strokes, brushing up the hair as you go so the comb can catch them and the blades beneath can trim them, and apply light pressure. Remove and rinse the guide and blades once you’re done.

Image of the Trimmer guide lengths.

How does shaving with this work?

If you plan on shaving and have sensitive skin, you can wet your skin and apply a thin layer of shave cream—we recommend our no-foam, moisturizing Shave Cream. However, you can also safely shave on completely dry skin as well if you’re on the go and not near a shower! The Trimmer’s bi-directional head features combs on both the top and bottom that run through and catch the hair, and blades beneath the combs that cut the hair off. Because of the comb, the blades themselves are slightly further away from the skin than those of a traditional razor. Use short, even strokes, brushing the hair up as you go so the comb can catch them and the blades beneath can trim them, and apply light pressure—you don’t need to press hard for best results. Since you’re not directly putting a blade against your skin, feel free to go over the same area multiple times to get a closer shave without risk of irritation.

How long does it take to shave?

Everyone shaves at a different pace, but if you are choosing to shave dry and using our Trimmer, you might find that it’s faster, since you don’t have to get in the shower or rinse off any shave cream. However, it really depends on the amount of hair you’re trying to shave. And as for when you’d need your next shave, the hair will grow back at roughly the same time as it would if you used a razor.

I’m going to Europe. Can I travel with the Trimmer?

First of all, fun! Second of all, you can absolutely travel with the Trimmer—it comes with a silky chartreuse pouch for a sleek storage option! The Trimmer is also compatible with a European power source, but you’ll need to bring your own adapter charging block as the one it comes with is shaped for US outlets.

How often should I replace the trimming blades? Will you offer replacement blades on the site?

We recommend replacing the Trimmer head once every 6 months, or when trimming becomes less effective. Click here to shop the replacement blades on our site!

Image of the Trimmer guides & Trimmer head replacement.

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