Why are there no good tools for shavers?

Posted by: Isabelle Jefferis

For those of us who shave, we all know the value of a good razor. I don’t mean the razors where using them means you have to sacrifice your comfort for a clean removal of hair. I mean a good razor, the kind you want to tell your friends about, and could even bring home for Thanksgiving. Especially for those who identify as women, finding a reliable way to trim hair can seem like a herculean task. 

Tired of being burned by blunt razors, being stood up by smooth skin, having your hair pulled by a cheap trimmer? Join the club. Let’s take a tour through the Tunnel of Love and see what the drugstore scene has to offer...and do a little shaver speed dating.

The Shaving Game

First up: the Eternal Bachelor.

The Eternal Bachelor—depicted as a trimmer saying "Sorry baby..."

You just can’t lock this one down. No matter how much you try to make them consistent and how many promises they give, they just can’t commit to a smooth relationship. You can try to change them, but they’ll never give you the comfort and security that another razor could.

How about...the Serial Grazer

The Serial Grazer

Things start off great. You think: wow, i’ve finally found the razor i’m going to commit to. But after a few times together, you realize that they’re seeing other things on the horizon. No matter how close of a shave you want, they seem to never make a good enough dent, or worse, they shave too closely. 

Or maybe the One Minute Stand?

The One Minute Stand

We all know the type. They’re cute, and inexpensive, what’s the worst thing that could happen? But with batteries filling up your trash can and a cord that doesn’t seem to do much more than ornament… you can’t even get halfway done before they’ve run out of power.

Last but not least...the Chemical Cheat

The Chemical Cheat

With the rise in chemical exfoliants for every part of your body, it can be tempting to try hair removal products that can melt it clean off. But with every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction… that can leave your skin red and irritated for longer than the smooth skin stays. They’re not a one body kind of person, and you’re just gonna have to be okay with that.

All of these bachelors beg the question—why are there so many terrible razors and trimmers out there? Are we doomed to cycle through these busted bachelors forever? In the meantime, we'll be dreaming of...

The Dream Date...stay tuned!