Bathtime Dos and Don'ts

Posted by: Elaine Abee

Is there anything better than a bath? It’s a cozy escape from winter weather, it’s an excuse to turn your phone on airplane mode and ignore your responsibilities, and best of all, it’s like skin care, but you get to lie down. No matter what your hair, skin, or body care routine is, when done right a bath can address any hair and skin concern you may have, no matter the season. So before you start running the faucet, we’ve rounded up all of our bathing do’s and don’ts to make sure your bath does all your hair and skin heavy lifting while you can sit back and relax.




Prep your skin beforehand.

Colder temperatures and harsh winter winds can leave skin feeling dry and chapped. So before you start your soak, slough away rough patches, dry skin, and dead skin cells so your skin is better able to absorb the rest of the products in your routine. For a deep exfoliation, we recommend KP Body Scrub: its high dosage of alpha hydroxy acids burrow into pores and dissolve any buildup. For more sensitive skin types, reach for a gentler exfoliator like Silk Scrub, which uses jojoba beads to physically buff away roughness.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

It sounds counterintuitive, but soaking your skin in hot water can actually strip it of its natural oils that keep you moisturized and leave you with dry skin—so make sure you don’t skip out on your hydration routine. Using Bath Drops in your bath is one of the easiest ways to moisturize both hair and skin from head to toe without having to lift a finger. Just add 2-3 while the water is running, and the vegan seaweed casings will naturally dissolve and release the hydrating oils and softening agents for a full body moisturizing effect. 

Try a leave-in or leave-on treatment.

For a lot of us, having any extra time to let our skincare and haircare products sit and work their magic is rare, so your bath is a great opportunity to reach for those leave-in or leave-on treatments. For a scalp conditioner, apply a few drops of Fur Oil along your part and hairline, and massage in. When it comes to face masks, choose according to your skin concern, but avoid peel off masks, as the humidity from the bath can cause them to retain moisture and not remove as easily.




Skip the shower.

To shower, then bathe, or to bathe, then shower? While it’s a surprisingly polarizing question, no matter which order you choose, prioritizing a cleanse is a must. That being said, because of the prolonged exposure of your skin to hot water, make sure you don’t overly strip your skin mid-wash and further dry yourself out. All Body Wash is an oil-based cleanser that actually reincorporates softness into your skin as you wash with it, making it a perfect choice pre- or post bath for skin hydration.

Go overboard on epsom salts.

Epsom salts are great for soothing aches and sore muscles, but using the right amount is crucial. Too much salt can overly dry out your skin, and even lead to dizziness or nausea in some cases. If you do want to add epsom salt to your bath, just make sure to drink lots of water, and use a more deeply hydrating moisturizer afterward.

Forget to hydrate.

While you moisturize your outsides, don’t forget to hydrate your insides! Hot temperatures can cause your body to sweat and lose fluid, so drinking plenty of water is crucial. Even better, add a few ice cubes to your water to help cool you off and regulate your internal temperature. Or, add a few slices of cucumber and lemon and make it a spa water.