Winter Skincare with Fur

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons


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We are officially in the depths of winter, and the consistently brutal temperatures call for an adjustment in our skincare regimens. You’ve probably noticed that as the temperature outside takes a nosedive and frigid conditions come about, your skin feels drier, flakier, or even cracked.

Especially if you’re one of the outdoorsy types out there taking advantage of winter sports like skiing and sledding, or still out there running around the neighborhood despite the snow, it can be hard to defend your skin from the perils of low temperatures. We can, however, change how we take care of our skin during these dark subzero times.

Even indoor tasks like shaving or waxing affect us differently during the winter. To combat dryness, it’s crucial to take a little extra care during the colder seasons. Dry skin appears like white flakes on your legs and arms, and without proper exfoliation techniques, using a razor over these areas can lead to ingrown hairs and bumps. The time you invest in skincare before shaving is just as important as the shaving itself.

To make sure your skin is in tip-top shape for a shave, use Silk Scrub—it exfoliates gently, letting dry flakes of skin lightly fall off by buffing all over the body in a circular motion. Feeling like you’d rather relax? Let the Scrub work as a mask, sitting on your legs while you shampoo or take a moment to zone out in the bathtub. It’s particularly the Silk Scrub’s clary sage oil that looks after the skin; its antibacterial elements and essential oils soothe redness and gives your skin the therapy it needs.

After you emerge from your shower or bath time, use Ingrown Concentrate with its textured finger mitt to ameliorate any bumps or redness. Hone in on the spots that typically act up, and the bumps from your previous shaving sessions. Made with sensitive skin in mind, this concentrate is easy on your pores, and only requires a few drops over bumps—but you can use as much as you want!

Dryness can often lead to inflammation, so we recommend Fur Oil to both soften your fur and keep everything calm and soothed. A few drops of Fur Oil, which includes ingredients such as jojoba oil and tea tree oil, instantly heal skin and soften fur.  We added grapeseed oil, which includes Vitamins E, D, and C as the ultimate skin hydration. With hydration tactics like these, your skin will think it’s summertime.

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Fur Oil Fur Oil - Fur

Fur Oil

Softens hair, soothes KP & prevents ingrowns

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Ingrown Concentrate

Heals ingrowns & smooths bumps