Silk Scrub & KP Body Scrub on model's hand

When it comes to buffing away rough skin, look no further than Fur’s Silk Scrub and KP Body Scrub. Even though the two are both powerhouse chemical and physical exfoliators, we actually formulated each scrub to fulfill different skin care and hair care needs. Want to know when and how to use each one? We’re revealing all you need to know down below: 


What is KP Body Scrub? 

KP Body Scrub is a powerful body exfoliating treatment that combines lactic acid, sunflower seed oil, perlite, and licorice root extract to minimize the appearance of KP and buff away rough patches to restore glow and soften the skin.

Model rubs KP Body Scrub on back

How Should I Use KP Body Scrub? 

Use KP Body Scrub in the shower, morning or night, anywhere below the neck! On wet skin,  apply scrub on areas where keratosis pilaris or rough patches occur then massage in a gentle circular motion. Finish by rinsing and patting dry. 


How Often Should I Use KP Body Scrub? 

Use 2-3 times a week to combat existing skin concerns and to maintain smoother skin over​ time. 


What is Silk Scrub? 

Silk Scrub is a gentle chemical and physical exfoliator that’s formulated with Jojoba Beads, Pineapple and Papaya Enzymes, and 11% AHAs to buff away dead skin cells, fight ingrowns and discoloration for radiant resurfacing.

Model puts Silk Scrub on hand

How Should I Use Silk Scrub? 

In the shower, massage onto wet skin as a quick shower buffer or leave on as a mask for 10 minutes then rinse. Remember, Silk Scrub is gentle enough to use in sensitive areas such as pubic or facial skin! 


How Often Should I Use Silk Scrub? 

For best results we recommend using Silk Scrub 2-3 times a week.

KP Body Scrub vs. Silk Scrub

I Bought Both! Can I Use Them Together? 

Yes! When combined, KP Body Scrub and Silk Scrub become a powerful two-step rough skin treatment. Here’s a tip: use KP Body Scrub to target specific areas prone to bumps and rough patches. Then for sensitive areas ,such as the face or to target ingrowns in the pubic area, use Silk Scrub.

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