The Scoop On Clean Beauty

Posted by: Leila Scott

The Scoop On Clean BeautyThe line is blurred when it comes to what clean beauty is and isn’t. Transparency from brands is hard to come by, but since 60% of what goes onto your skin goes directly into your bloodstream you should know what’s in your products.

Ingredients matter and they don’t need to be harmful for your products to work. At Fur, we deliver you with products that you can feel good about using from the outside, in.

Good for You and the Planet

Products are considered 'clean' when formulated with ethically sourced ingredients that keep health and the environment in mind.

The chemicals in products eventually find their way back into our oceans and soil, so when the bad stuff is left out, it's safe for people and the planet. At Fur, we’re always looking for ways to be friendlier to our planet. Our All Body Wash and Silk Scrub now come in 100% recyclable refills.

The Fur Standard

All of our products are tested to EU standards. Unfortunately, the U.S. does not currently require cosmetic products to be approved by the FDA.

As a way to stay clean, we run our ingredients by the clean beauty gurus such as Credo and EWG.

If you’re wondering what ingredients you should avoid, Credo’s “Dirty List” will answer all of your questions. Here are some of the most common that we stay away from:

Parabens and Sulfates
Sulfates aren't necessarily toxic, but they are a big no-no for dry skin. They tend to do the opposite of what you want and strip away your skin's natural moisture.
Parabens are toxic and have been linked to disrupting hormone functions in women. Though they're put in products to extend shelf life, they leave your skin brittle and commonly cause rashes.
Silica is a naturally occurring chemical, but amorphous silica, used in cosmetics, is not. With acne-prone skin, silica in body products can clog pores and trap oil and dirt, which causes more breakouts.
Have you ever put on a skincare product and had your eyes burn from the fragrance? That is a sign to stop using that product or any product that smells like your grandma's perfume. You may smell like a bouquet of flowers, but synthetic fragrances contain toxic chemicals that are notorious for causing skin irritation, rashes, redness, and inflammation.

Cruelty-free, clean, vegan. What’s the Difference?

This is where things can get confusing. When shopping, you'll typically see three different stamps of approval on a product: clean, vegan, or cruelty-free. So what's the difference?

Clean- made with health and the environment in mind.

Vegan- products are formulated without animal products.

Cruelty-free- usually appears as the leaping bunny indicating that product hasn’t tested on animals.

Why clean?

You have less to worry about when products are made without all the bad stuff.

You may even find yourself buying fewer products. Clean beauty products like Fur's All Body Wash act as a 4-1 with a formula gentle enough to use on your face, body, pubic hair, and skin.

Clean products don't strip or take away from your skin; the ingredients give back, nourish and replenish. You don't have to sacrifice health for beauty. You can use products that work, benefit your well-being, and help the planet.