Razor Burn

Stubble Kit Stubble Cream on a floral tray and Ingrown Concentrate on top of the packaging box with plants surrounding them.

Stubble Kit

For redness post-wax, sugar, or shave

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Stubble Cream Stubble Cream

Stubble Cream

Reduces regrowth & cools razor burn




Shave Cream Shave Cream

Shave Cream

Prevents razor burn & creates a closer shave

Fur Trimmer fb-feed

Fur Trimmer

Trims hair & shaves bare

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Gentle Resurfacing Duo Fur Oil on top of Silk Scrub with a mirror, comb, and plants surrounding them.

Gentle Resurfacing Duo

For bumps, rough skin, & discoloration

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The Close Shave The Close Shave

The Close Shave

For skin irritation during & after shaving

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Fur Trimmer Replacement Blades Fur Trimmer Replacement Blades

Fur Trimmer Replacement Blades

Keeps trim or shave close & irritation-free

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Smooth It over

Combat KP

With 14% AHAs and nourishing sunflower seed oil, our KP Body Scrub was designed to eradicate rough spots, bumps, and keratosis pilaris. Welcome to a softer you.