Underarm care: it’s an often overlooked part of our body care routine. We tend to think of it as a chore, trying to get rid of sweat or underarm hair as quickly as possible without considering the overall health of our underarms in the process. That’s why we formulated Ingrown Deodorant: to provide overachieving care to an underappreciated part of you.

Equally overlooked? The microbiome. Whether you knew it or not, your underarms have a microbiome of their own, and it plays a big role in how your underarms look, smell, and feel. Disrespect it, and it can have serious consequences on your hair and skin. 

What’s a Microbiome?

Your microbiome is an ecosystem of microorganisms that live on you. Every part of your body has a unique microbiome on the surface of your skin that keeps your skin looking, feeling, and in the case of underarms, smelling good. 

It’s All About Balance

When your underarm microbiome is balanced, or has a healthy amount of microorganisms living on your skin, it means healthy skin and hair, and less body odor. When your underarm microbiome is disrupted, it can cause redness, irritation, and excess body odor. Lots of things can disrupt and throw your microbiome off balance, like environmental stressors, illness, and harsh ingredients in your body care routine. 

Your Underarm Microbiome and Ingrown Deodorant

A lot of traditional antiperspirants and deodorants are formulated with harsh chemicals meant to block sweat in—and in the process, that can sometimes mean havoc for your microbiome. That’s why we had Ingrown Deodorant clinically tested specifically on your underarm microbiome. In the clinical study results, Ingrown Deodorant’s gentle, clean formula was proven to respect your underarm microbiome, so it can go above and beyond to prevent ingrown hairs, prevent discoloration, and keep you fresh.

That means Ingrown Deodorant is not only dermatologically tested and gynecologically tested, but now also clinically tested on the underarm microbiome to ensure its efficacy and safety for all underarms, regardless of skin type, hair type, or grooming routine. Because at Fur, we treat all your skin and hair with tender care—from microbiome to beyond.

We always say at Fur that we’re here to respect your grooming routines as a personal choice, and to provide you with solutions for whatever skin or hair concerns crop up along the way. With Ingrown Deodorant, we can officially show our respect for your skin and hair goes more than skin deep—it’s microbiome-respecting, too. So however you take care, don’t forget to show your microbiome some love, too.

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