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Posted by: Leila Scott

We’ve all got it. 

Whether you shave, wax, or let it grow - it’s your hair and your choice. Contrary to what we’ve been taught, body hair is natural, clean, and beautiful. Where did this idea that being hairless is more desirable come from?

Hair grooming actually dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt where they’d use natural resources such as beeswax for removal. When the Romans came, upper-class women were known to use copper razors, tweezers, and pumice stones. But it really wasn’t until the 1920s, when fashion became more revealing, that hair removal became mainstream. 

Luckily, body hair is making its comeback. During the pandemic, about 45% of women stopped buying grooming products; learning to embrace their hair. Our network of estheticians are chiming in to give us the truth about body hair and how to take care of it.

Fur Oil

Do you find more women keeping their body hair?

“I do! Surprising, considering I have a full body waxing business. The growth between waxes is much more tolerable than shaving, but I tell all our clients that the growth in between helps them work on their own self confidence and self worth. They learn to love their hair growth. After a while they don’t mind if they go a little longer between appointments because they get waxed for themselves and know that if someone else has a problem seeing a women with hair growth like underarms that’s the strangers problem not theirs.” - Mckenze Trachuk, owner of The Wax Room.  

“I always say, ‘we'll keep what you want and we'll take what you don't want.’ I think one of the most beautiful things is underarm hair. Also, it's really cute when girls still have their happy trail and they just wax below. It's whatever you want nowadays. I tell women when they come in it should be something that they want because I'm literally ripping hair out. it's painful and it's expensive, so at the end of the day, make sure you're doing it for yourself.” - Meghan Vanderford, owner of Dirty Bird Esthetics

“I feel like in general with my clientele, they just want it gone. But I also have people that keep it in certain areas. They rather shave or trim that they don't necessarily get done with me as far as waxing goes.” - Alexa Kirkland, owner of Project Skin.

Common misconceptions about body hair?

“The most common misconception about keeping body hair is that it's gross or not feminine. The reality is that body hair is meant to protect the skin but society has pushed women into believing that they should remove it because it doesn’t fit the narrative of a “beautiful woman”. Body hair should be removed solely based on the person’s comfortability level and the way it makes them feel. I personally feel so much more confident in my skin when hair is removed and I have silky skin but I also embrace the hair as it grows back in from waxing and embracing the hair has improved my own self confidence to rock the hair growth.” - Mckenze Trachuk, owner of The Wax Room.  

“It’s definitely that body hair is gross or just excess ahir. At the end of the day, it's really up to you in what direction you want to go. It can either be trim, shave, laser these days there are so many options.” - Alexa Kirkland, owner of Project Skin 

 Tips on caring for body hair?

“You should be exfoliating three to four times a week. If it hurts, if it itches, get some Fur Oil - you can never have too much.” - Meghan Vanderford, owner of Dirty Bird Esthetics.

“My top tips are consistency with your hair removal method. It will help balance the 3 cycles of hair growth. Exfoliating to remove trapped dead skin cells and moisturize for a softer feeling. Remember the softer feeling is for your own comfort and not for the pleasure of someone else.” - Mckenze Trachuk, owner of The Wax Room.  

“If you want your hair longer, I would definitely recommend keeping it moisturized. I feel like at a certain point it can get kind of unruly. If you're going to be rocking it, it should feel soft which I love the signature Fur Oil for that.” - Alexa Kirkland, owner of Project Skin

Flaunt what you’ve got it or wax it all off! We have over 5 million hair follicles on our body.

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