Skin Cycling Your Body Care

Posted by: Elaine Abee

It seems like overnight in the skin care world, the term “skin cycling” is everywhere—on Tiktok alone, the tag #skincycling has over 139 million views. The idea is simple: in a four day period, you have two days of targeted skincare treatments: skin cycling experts emphasize using the first day for exfoliation, and the second day for retinoid application. The remaining two days are focused on recovery by means of using gentle, non-irritating products that give your skin a break.

While skin cycling as a term may be new, the skin care routine it’s espousing has actually been around for awhile. Almost all exfoliating products instruct using them no more than 2-3 days per week; so if you were to follow those guidelines, you’re basically halfway there. Add in a retinoid, bump up your moisturizing routine, and boom: you’re skin cycling and you didn’t even know it. 

Most skin cyclers are solely focused on facial skin, but skin cycling can also work for your body care routine to the same effect. If you’re looking to kickstart your body skin cycling, read on for an easy guide to follow.


Day 1: Exfoliation

Starting off with exfoliation is a great way to encourage cell turnover and prevent clogged pores that cause bumps, acne, or ingrowns. Silk Scrub’s dual-action formula utilizes both physical and chemical exfoliants to do just that: jojoba beads gently slough away rough, dry skin on the surface, while AHAs derived from papaya, pineapple, and lactic acid dissolve buildup in your pores. Because Silk Scrub doesn’t rely on abrasive nut shards or sugar as its physical exfoliant, even sensitive skin types can comfortably rely on it for their day 1 skin cycle. 


Day 2: Retinol, Hair Removal, or Deeper Exfoliation

Skin cyclers primarily talk about the routine in terms of retinoid usage; but if you don’t plan on using retinol on your body, think of this day as your intense treatment opportunity. Maybe for you that means shaving or waxing, or trying out a deeper exfoliation.

For shavers: apply ultra-plush Shave Cream to the areas you plan on shaving to ensure your skin is protected from razor burn. Follow with Stubble Cream—not only does it prevent razor burn, but it also contains tea tree oil, which works as a natural astringent to clarify pores.

For waxers: keeping your skin clear and bump-free is essential both on the day of your appointments and in between. Spray on Ingrown Eliminator Serum to waxed areas 24 hours after your treatment and let the willowbark extract, lactic acid, and phytic acid in its formula fight off irritation and free trapped ingrown hairs.

For those looking for a stronger exfoliation: KP Body Scrub contains a higher percentage of AHAs than Silk Scrub, as well as perlite, which is a stronger physical exfoliant than jojoba beads. This helps target more persistent bumps, as well as bumps caused by keratosis pilaris (also known as chicken skin, or KP). 


Day 3 & 4: Recovery

Because you spent your first two days removing impurities from your pores, days 3 and 4 are best spent nourishing your skin and ensuring that the harsher treatments don’t damage your moisture barrier or overly sensitize your skin. For regular hair and skin types, Fur Oil is all you need. Its blend of nine nourishing oils condition dry, coarse hair, and nourish every inch of skin from head to toe. For more sensitive skin types, Ingrown Concentrate has a slightly thicker, more soothing formula that can also take care of any lingering bumps or irritation. It’s also great to repair dry skin as well. 


The beauty of skin cycling is its ability to adapt to any hair or skin concern—so you can customize your four day cycle as your needs change, with the seasons, or whenever you try out a new grooming style. Happy skin cycling!