Waxing Do's, Don'ts, and Everything in Between

Posted by: Leila Scott

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This one’s for the waxers. 

Whether it’s your first time or you’re a regular waxer, there are few things you should know before your next appointment Our community of estheticians are covering waxing do's, don'ts, and everything in between.



“If someone is looking to find a waxer in their city, they should first decide if supporting a small business is important for them and that is they should take that into consideration when starting their research. They could do a simple google search to see what places pop up, I recommend that they click on each website to read about the businesses values and mission to see if it aligns with their personal values. If they like what they see on the website they should find the social media platforms the business is on to see what they are doing there.”-Mckenze Trachuk, owner of The Wax Room

“Hydrate. You want your skin and your hair to be soft. If you go to remove the hair and it's dry and brittle, it’s going to break and that kind of just defeats the purpose of removing the hair. You won’t be removing the whole hair (follicle) and it can be damaging. Exfoliating is super big as well or you're not going to get the full benefit. Every day dead skin cells are accumulating so if you're not exfoliating enough or at all it's just going to get trapped. We want those hairs up, so we can easily remove them.”-Alexa Kirkland, owner of Project Skin.


I'll be waxing someone's body and I'll ask them, ‘what's going on? Something's different.’ I can tell. If you’re going out more that's perfectly fine, but drink more water. Moisturize daily, you know? The more you get to know people, you can tell when something's off.” - Meghan Vanderford, owner of Dirty Bird Esthetics

“Definitely don't do it by yourself. No matter what way, whether it's waxing or laser, go to a professional. And make sure you prep for your appointments.”-Alexa Kirkland, owner of Project Skin.


What to Expect: 

“It is going to be faster and easier than you expect. Your waxer should talk you through the whole process as they’re doing it. The pain almost feels like a slap. It’s there and then it is gone. The butt strip will be the easiest part so don’t be scared of it! After your first time, there might be a few shorter hairs left over. This is normal! It takes about three waxes for your hair to get on the same hair growth cycle and be able to all come up at the same time.”-Meghan Vanderford, owner of Dirty Bird Esthetics.

“I love waxing because there are a bunch of benefits. Since it's a form of exfoliation, a layer of hair and skin is removed, it helps lighten the skin in the skin which is great for some specific areas. It also helps with thinning out the hair and it’s super low maintenance.”-Alexa Kirkland, owner of Project Skin



“My top tip is consistency with your hair removal method. It will help balance the three cycles of hair growth.”-Mckenze Trachuk, owner of The Wax Room

Do continue to drink lots of water, wear loose fitting clothes (you can even skip the underwear for a few hours after your appointment) and keep the waxed area as clean as possible. Be sure to exfoliate 2-4 times a week and moisturizing with a non-scented lotion or Fur Oil everyday is a must.”-Meghan Vanderford, owner of Dirty Bird Esthetics.


“Wait 24-48 hours for: hot tubs, working out, sexual activity, pools/ocean, and exfoliating since waxing is considered an exfoliation process you don’t want to overdo it.”-Meghan Vanderford, owner of Dirty Bird Esthetics.