Two Must-Haves for Resurfacing Your Most Glowing Skin

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

Silk Scrub and Ingrown Concentrate surrounded by plants.

While most beauty trends come and go, it seems like the dewy, glazed-donut esque skin look is here to stay. For those of us not looking to master the art of strobing or highlighting, there are plenty of ways to make your skin from do the work for you, naturally. The secret behind glowy skin from head to toe is complete hydration and rejuvenation, and your skin is already glowing (we promise!)—it may just be trapped behind dry skin and clogged pores. 

Establishing the right skin routine is the first step to promoting healthy skin cells and ameliorating any skin irritation. These two must-have products, paired with the right routine, will consistently reveal your most glazed donut-y skin:

A gentle exfoliator.

When you exfoliate your skin, it unclogs your pores and removes the top layer of dead skin cells. But there could be more than just dead skin cells lurking in that top layer—your skin may have picked up debris and other particles just from exposure to the wind and sun. It happens! 

A common misconception about starting an exfoliating skin routine is that the more exfoliation, the merrier. This leads people to think that exfoliating every day will mean glowier skin faster. In reality, this can damage the healthy skin beneath the dry outer layer, so rather than resurfacing the glowing skin you could end up with angry, damaged skin. To avoid falling into this trap, exfoliating several times a week is more than enough to ensure that the top layer of your skin is always comprised of new skin cells. 

It’s also important to avoid products with harsh chemicals and unnecessarily rough physical exfoliants, like nut shards or jagged fruit seeds. Certain products can also be environmentally harmful, like exfoliators that use plastic microbeads. Look for an exfoliator that can gently buff away dead skin cells, and be sure to check the ingredient list to ensure you won’t have a bad reaction. Silk Scrub’s gentle jojoba beads are totally smooth and melt as you massage them in, so you can physically exfoliate while rehydrating your skin at the same time. While the beads work on the surface, Silk Scrub’s dual action chemical exfoliants, fruit enzymes and powerful alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) burrow deep into the skin to dissolve any lingering dead skin cells or debris trapped in your pores. Got time for some extra TLC? Massage Silk Scrub into your skin and leave it on for 3-5 minutes as a mask, while the pineapple enzymes and acids do the magic for you. 

A hydrating spot treatment for bumps.

Then, there are the inevitable bumps, ingrown hairs, and irritated skin that can seem impossible to get rid of. First, it’s important to know how they’re caused: ingrown hairs mean a hair has bent over inside its follicle, which is irritating. The most common cause is shaving without exfoliating, so as long as you prioritize buffing away dead skin cells before the razor comes out, you’ll be taking the correct preventative measures for fewer bumps. However, if you’re new to exfoliating, you’ll definitely want to make sure your routine includes a moisturizer to amply soothe the skin afterwards to avoid any flare ups.

Often, the crop up of these bumps sends people into a panic, causing them to try and solve the situation by using treatments that are unnecessarily harsh and drying, which can strip the skin of its natural glow. 

That’s why a gentle spot treatment like Fur’s Ingrown Concentrate is in order. Rub a few drops of Ingrown Concentrate onto anywhere your skin feels red, dry, or irritated. The concentrate’s ingredient of Coconut Oil softens the ingrown hair, making it easier to remove. It also includes Tea Tree Oil and Chamomile Extract, which naturally soothe irritation and speeds up the healing process of any bumps, all while restoring hydration back into the skin.

In tandem, the use of the Silk Scrub and Ingrown Concentrate resurfaces your most glowing skin by sloughing away dead skin and providing deep moisturization.  If you need a little extra moisture, make sure to pair them with an ultra hydrating product like Fur’s Stubble Cream, which softens prickly stubble and gives your skin a dewy gleam.

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