Are you exfoliating correctly?

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

For the month of August, we’re tapping our network of salon and esthetician partners to give us expert advice on how to take care of body hair and skin, no matter how you choose to groom. This week’s topic? Exfoliation!

"When should you exfoliate" text.

“You want to exfoliate two to three times a week; it’s a vital part of your daily routine when it comes to hair removal and even if you don't remove your hair.” —Mckenze Trachuk, owner of The Wax Room

"When you should not?" text.

“After waxing, your skin is sensitive, and exfoliating right away will prolong your sensitivity.” —Leslie Hanuschik, esthetician at Bare Beauty Wax

“The only time you shouldn’t exfoliate is if it is causing excessive dryness, irritation or there is broken skin.” —Mary Snyder, WAX Nashville

"What are the benefits of daily exfoliation?" text.

“Less ingrowns, smoother skin, and better wax results.” –Ashley, owner of Ethereal Wax

“Smooth skin! It's so important to help your skin slough off those dead skin cells so that new hair can grow out freely. Daily exfoliation is the best way to keep ingrown hairs under control.” —Monique Faddis, esthetician at Salt Wax Society

“Whether you choose to remove your hair or not, I still recommend exfoliating. Our skin cells turn over every 28-30 days so if exfoliation isn't happening, the dead skin is building up between the hair and can become itchy or uncomfortable.” —Mckenze Trachuk, owner of The Wax Room

"Does Silk Scrub meet the expert's standards?" text.

Because we know how important exfoliation is in a skincare regimen, we worked hard to make an exfoliating product that lived up to both Fur's standards and our experts' standards. After two years of development, rigorous dermatological and gynecological testing, Silk Scrub was born. Let's see if it met the mark:

“Yes! It’s a dual-action product so that’s great! It polishes and buffs away dry skin while lactic & glycolic acid exfoliates the skin. Use as an in-shower mask and leave on for 10 minutes.” –Ashley, owner of Ethereal Wax

“Absolutely! Enzymes, glycolic & lactic acid, and jojoba beads are all powerful exfoliants. Combining chemical and physical exfoliants is a sure-fire way to banish ingrowns and resurface skin. If you have dark spots or inflamed ingrown hairs you can even leave it on as a mask, which we love!” —Mary Snyder, WAX Nashville

“It's a great product to step up your exfoliation regimen. It's not just exfoliating, as it also helps deposit a little hydration into the skin as well.” —Monique Faddis, esthetician at Salt Wax Society

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