Ingrown Microdart Patch



Ingrown Microdart Patch Ingrown Microdart Patch - Fur

Ingrown Microdart Patch

Targets ingrowns & clears skin

Ingrown Recovery Duo Ingrown Recovery Duo - Fur

Ingrown Recovery Duo

For powerful ingrown repair care

Original price $64$64 Sale price $59$59
Bare Necessities Plus Bare Necessities Plus - Fur

Bare Necessities Plus

For itchy hair, and intense ingrowns

Original price $112$112 Sale price $102$102
Smooth It over

Combat KP

With 14% AHAs and nourishing sunflower seed oil, our KP Body Scrub was designed to eradicate rough spots, bumps, and keratosis pilaris. Welcome to a softer you.