A Body Care Routine For All Your Summer Plans

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

Whether you’ve been waiting all year for summer’s warm embrace, or you’ve been dreading the return of swampy, sweaty heat, the changing of the seasons means it’s time to think about seasonal shifts in your body care. Not just in terms of the weather, (which seems to be a delightful combination of torrential rain, swampy humidity, or dry, scorching heat) but in terms of all the fun activities you only get to experience this time of year—they can take a toll on your hair and skin! Lucky for you, no matter what your plans are, Fur has you covered…because the memories should last forever, not the razor burn. Take a look:

The Beach Bound Sun Worshipper

Keeping it classic with a tried-and-true summertime tradition? If you’re reading a blog run by a body care brand, we’re going to assume you know all about practicing safe sun with ample SPF. To us, a beach-proof body care routine really begins once you get home from the shore and hit the showers. Exfoliation is essential to remove all that sunscreen residue, salt, and sand from your skin, so your pores don’t get clogged and result in unwanted bumpy skin. We recommend Silk Scrub for a gentle buff—or if you want something a little stronger and are prone to keratosis pilaris, try KP Body Scrub. A quick scrub will do, or leave it on for a minute or two to let those chemical exfoliators do their thing. Then, clarify your pores without stripping them of any more moisture with a gentle cleanser like All Body Wash: it’s oil-based, so it won’t upset your pH balance or irritate your skin if you came home with a bit of a burn.

And, not to rain on your parade, but if you wax, sugar, or laser, you should wait at least 24 hours before hitting the water or laying in the sun. This is when your skin is at its most sensitive and vulnerable, and the sun’s UV rays can lead to hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Just hang back a little, and your skin—and your esthetician!—will thank you.

The Festival Fanatic

There are over 300 festivals planned this summer in the U.S. alone. If you plan on traveling to one, or intend to go even further and camp there overnight or stand at the barricades for hours to score a front-row spot to your favorite act, you likely don’t want to spend that much time on your body care. Though we are body care obsessed, we respect your commitment to the music, and offer up a product that can be multi-purpose and function as a replacement to a longer routine: Fur Oil. A few drops of our signature oil can deep condition & clarify your scalp, moisturize coarse, dry hair, soothe itchy skin, sunburn, and bug bites, and even rescue your cuticles. A little goes a long way, so toss this in your bag and feel free to call it a day.

The One Embracing The Great Indoors

Some people feel the need to get the most out of the season—but you don’t, and we love that. However, that does not exempt you from thinking about your body care. If you’re running that AC on max, your skin will feel it, so moisturization is key. You could go for a quick slather of our skin-quenching Stubble Cream, but with all this free time inside, might we suggest a bath? It’s like body care, but you don’t have to lift a finger. Try tossing in 2-3 of our Bath Drops during your next soak—the beads dissolve once they hit the water, releasing super moisturizing, skin-and-hair nourishing oils that will instantly coat you from head to toe.