Ask an Aesthetician: Chloé Amstutz

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

Waxing. Sugaring. Lasering. Shaving. Studies show that 99% of people have tried to remove their hair at some point in their life—but how much do you really know about it? In our new series, Ask an Aesthetician, we're going straight to the source and asking the pros all the questions we've been wondering, but felt too weird to ask anyone besides Google search. This week, we talked to Chloé Amstutz, an aesthetician of NAKED: Skin + Wax in Nashville, Tennessee, about all the hairy (or hairless) situations she's dealt with.


Fur Oil backbar size / oil droplets.


photo by Julia Perkins


How do you incorporate Fur products into your client's procedure and overall routine?

I use Fur products in numerous ways. First and foremost, I finish all of my Brazilian, Bikini and underarm waxes with Fur Oil. I also perform bikini exfoliation treatments and depending on the client’s current challenges I may spot treat with the Ingrown Concentrate and then finish with the Stubble Cream.  When I have male clientele with beards, I finish their facial services with an application of Fur Oil in their beard.


Is it ok to exfoliate after waxing?

Exfoliation is incredibly important after waxing, it plays a vital role in keeping the area smooth and ingrown hair free, but WHEN you exfoliate is the key. Waxing is an exfoliation and can sensitize the skin, so my recommendation to clients is to begin exfoliating 48 hours post wax. There is no need to exfoliate any sooner.


For our Fur users who remove their body hair, how would you suggest they go about it to ensure they don't get ingrowns?

For those who remove their hair through waxing or sugaring, consistency and proper home care are a must. Try and see the same service provider to eliminate factors connected to product reactions and technique variations. Follow the recommended interval for appointments to remove the hair at the optimal time during its growth cycle and keep up with exfoliation and hydrating the skin between appointments.

For those who shave, make sure to replace your razor regularly so the blade is as sharp as  possible, allow your razor to dry out between uses to reduce mold and bacteria growth, and never shave dry!


Is it ever okay to pluck an ingrown?

Removing the ingrown will often reduce the inflammation and discomfort and allow the area to begin healing…but removing it at home, prematurely, with unsanitized tweezers, digging deeply into your skin because you can’t really see what you are doing is only going to cause newer, bigger problems. Let your esthetician or waxer do it properly and when it is ready—with clean implements, a mag lamp and proper post-removal care.  


What's the most common mistake people make after they get waxed?

The most common mistake is not following aftercare instructions.  I provide a card for all my clients that reminds them of the do’s and don’ts in the following 48 hrs post wax.  Schedule your wax after your morning workout but a day or two before you hit the beach or go pool side AND no intimate activity! Your follicles remain open for up to 48 hrs after a wax so heat, friction, perspiration and bodies of water are a no-no. I promise, your partner will be happy to wait in order to avoid the possible disaster that could ensue. :)


How would you fix a shaving or waxing disaster? I.e., what's your ingrown SOS solution?

Depending on the disaster, a bikini exfoliation treatment (two weeks after said disaster) is my usual solution. Aside from keeping the area clean and dry and recommending use of the Fur Oil (seriously) in the meantime, often it is TIME that does the healing. I like to bring clients in for an exfoliation treatment that includes a deep cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, extraction, High Frequency and/or LED and a treatment mask. Usually the inflammation has subsided enough and hairs have begun to grow back at the two week mark and I can customize the products/ingredients used in the treatment to target the main issues. Identifying  what caused the disaster and how to avoid it in the future is also a major point of education for the client during this treatment.


What is your favorite Fur product?

It has to be the original Fur Oil. When I decided to open up my business, choosing Fur as my post-wax care line was the FIRST decision I made. Fur Oil changed how I approached treating the skin and hair in waxed areas and both my clients and I am better for it.

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