Bath Time: Madison Chertow

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

This post is part of a new series called Bath Time, where we chat about self-care, bath routines, and how we wind down and carve out space and time for ourselves. This week, we talked with blogger and founder of In Rainbows Mag, Madison Chertow about taking advantage of hotel bathtubs, disconnecting, and creating a personalized beauty routine.

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How do you prioritize self-care and carve out space and time to unwind?

Self-care is a huge priority of mine. I don’t think people realize the importance of taking care of your overall health, both mental and physical. It feels indulgent to carve out time to relax with a face mask, take longer baths and showers, and get massages, but in my eyes it should really be a huge part of everyone’s life. I think the fact that I’ve always been into skincare and wellness and have always made the time to do something of the sort both morning and night has kept it a habit instead of something I now have to make time for.


Are there parts of your skincare routine that have become therapeutic for you?

Yes! So much of my skincare routine is therapeutic for me. Actually, every second of it! It’s become such an important “me time” moment I have twice a day without fail. I’ve never been someone who’s good at meditating, but in many ways, that’s what my skincare routine is. I love all things wellness, and to me, skincare is a huge part of it.


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What is your bedtime regimen?

Every night without fail I cleanse my skin and apply serums and a night mask or cream. I’ve gotten really into winding down with a hot shower and some Fur Oil all over before getting into a robe or a cute pj set to spend the rest of my evening in before bedtime. I’ve taken more pride in little luxuries even for at-home relaxation.

Walk us through your ultimate fantasy bath time!

I sadly don’t have a bath in my place, but when I travel anywhere, something I really get excited about is having a bathtub in the hotel rooms! It’s like my extra special treat after a long day of travel or running around a new city. So in general, any bath time is a fantasy to me!

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What are your go-to methods of centering yourself when things get chaotic?

These days it’s hard not to be on your phone or computer, having that stimulation at all times. I find that with what I do as a blogger, my phone and I are very connected for way too many hours of the day. I find that I need to be “forced” into disconnecting and centering myself–booking a fitness class or a little spa day or taking an extra long shower help me stay present in a state of calm.


How has your relationship to self-care evolved over time?

I really think it’s been a journey of looking at self-care less as “spoiling yourself” and more about letting myself indulge in the best sense of the word. It’s about letting yourself relax and enjoy little rituals without the guilt of feeling like you should be doing something else instead.

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How do you navigate the overwhelming world of beauty and skincare?

Since my job is so much about trying and testing new products and brands, I find that I’m beyond overwhelmed (in a great way!) with the seemingly endless world of beauty and skincare products. I like to try incorporating new brands and products slowly, giving each one individual time to show me what it can or can’t do.


What is your favorite thing about experimenting and developing your routine and do you have any advice for our readers about creating a personalized routine?

I absolutely love learning more and more about ingredients that work well for me. It’s a fun game in a a lot of ways, because you try so many things throughout your life and then suddenly certain things just change the game for your skin in ways you never imagined were possible. Results really are possible, and I’ve learned to give things a chance and not be afraid of trial and error–you will find things that work for your skin and wellness needs! My advice for readers is to try different routines and methods that work for YOU. Just because someone else likes and recommends something doesn’t mean it does the trick for everyone. Self-care and beauty is an amazing journey because in the process of trial and error, you learn a whole lot about yourself along the way.


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