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Comfort Zones

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

Whether you're traveling out of your comfort zone or luxuriating in it, make sure you have the essentials. We've gathered a selection of perfect Fur pairings for any type of comfort zone.

Rome, Italy

Full Frontal bundle

You appreciate the finer things in life—good food, good drinks, and fine art. You believe life is best enjoyed with a full glass of wine and behind a pair of cat eye sunglasses. And you’re probably right.

What to bring: Full Frontal. If you prefer to go au naturale a lá Sophia Loren, Fur Oil will keep you silky soft wherever hair meets skin. But if you'd rather shave in other places, Ingrown Concentrate will prevent any ingrowns, and Stubble Cream will make regrowth come in softer. 


Reykjavík, Iceland

Body Duo

You love long walks in nature, and Björk. The only things you’ve brought from home are the ones that fit into your hiking backpack. You plan on hiking under waterfalls by day, and drinking with the Reyjavík locals by night.

What to bring: Body Duo. The Iceland climate stays pretty consistently cold and rainy, and you'll be spending a lot of time outside, so Body Duo is a great way to keep you skin from getting too dry.  Put Silk Scrub on in the shower to quickly buff away dead skin, and apply Stubble Cream to lock in moisture and keep your skin ultra smooth. It's a routine that can withstand the tiniest of bathrooms, without sacrificing quality.


Marfa, Texas

Marfa, Texas with Stubble Bundle

You’re ready for a good old fashioned American road trip, except yours is headed towards the cool kid hub of the art world, and maybe a few stops to jump into the local springs. Don’t forget your Joan Didion novel.

What to bring: Stubble Bundle. If you're headed there this summer, it's going to be hot—but it's elevated at 4,680 feet, so it's dry. Think artsy desert. Aside from needing a good SPF, you need products that are lightweight and fast absorbing without sacrificing moisture. Stubble Cream keeps your skin soft, while Ingrown Concentrate soothes any irritation that might crop up.


Baja, California

Baja, California with Bare Necessities

You packed just the essentials: Ingrown Concentrate, Fur Oil, and an Eve Babitz novel to toss in your beach bag. You don’t plan on wearing anything heavier than a linen cover up, and the only beauty routine you plan on following involves chapstick and sunscreen.

What to bring: Bare Necessities. After all the sand, sun, and seawater, your skin will be begging for moisture.  Fur Oil conditions your hair and skin, and works from head to toe, so you don't need to bring any extra moisturizers in your carry on. Ingrown Concentrate is the perfect SOS solution in case any ingrowns crop up. And they're both lightweight oils, so they won't stain your silk. 

Hotel Staycation

Hotel staycation with the Fuller Frontal

Minimalism? You’ve never heard of it. You called the hotel ahead of time, twice, to make sure your room would have a bath in it. You ordered champagne via room service before you remembered to set your #OOO email.

What to bring: Fuller Frontal. Who says you have to go anywhere at all? Elevate your JOMO experience with the full Fur fantasy. Start by buffing your skin with Silk Scrub, and leave it on as a mask to let the AHAs and fruit enzymes soak in for a deeper exfoliation. Then, run a hot bath and apply a few dropper fulls of Fur Oil. Let it soak in—this is a good time to turn on Airplane mode on your phone and really let that #OOO auto response do the heavy lifting. Out of the bath, be even more extra and apply Stubble Cream anywhere that your skin is especially dry—the bottoms of your heels, elbows, and knees are great places to start. And if any ingrowns are threatening to ruin your party, toss a little Ingrown Concentrate on them.


Stubble Bundle Stubble Bundle
Stubble Bundle
Combat All Bumps
Bare Necessities Bare Necessities
Bare Necessities
Smoothing & Soothing
Fuller Frontal Fuller Frontal
Fuller Frontal
The Clean Sweep