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Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

Silk Scrub, Stubble Cream, Ingrown Concentrate, and Fur Oil surrounded by grapes and a small statue head.

Let's be honest: minimalism is highly overrated. Sure, Pinterest would have you believe that all you need in life is a bottle of Dr. Bronners and a mason jar—but for those of us with skin and hair that seems to change moods by the hour, that's just not going to cut it.

When we designed the Fuller Frontal, we wanted a lineup that could work with every possible grooming regimen (or lack thereof). For too long, every single available product in the body hair category was centered around hair removal, but were poorly formulated, highly irritating, and were housed in corny packaging that described your "hair down there" or your "situation". With the Fuller Frontal, no matter how you decide to groom, or how often, it's a line that can take on any routine. What's more maximalist than having it all?

"Minimalism is highly overrated." / Oil droplets..

Like with any skincare routine, the process starts at exfoliation, moves to spot treatment, and ends with hydration. In the shower, Silk Scrub deeply penetrates the pores to dissolve any dead skin and debris, and sloughs away any roughness on the surface. Ingrown Concentrate's finger mitt also helps buff the skin's surface similarly to a dry brush. Without exfoliation, the moisturizing products would get blocked by the debris and be unable to penetrate as deeply as they could. 

Once you get out of the shower, you're ready to moisturize. Think of Ingrown Concentrate as your zit cream—when you see an ingrown or any irritation flaring up, dab on some of the Concentrate and rub in. Follow with Fur Oil on any hair you want to soften or smaller areas, like eyebrows and elbows, and apply Stubble Cream to larger areas, like legs, or anywhere else you shave, like the neck. Not only are they both quick drying and ultra soothing, they're also clarifying to help keep your pores clear of ingrowns. 

Don't just take our word for it—use the Fuller Frontal however and wherever you want! Fur Oil as a bath oil! Silk Scrub as a face mask! Maximalism is all about having options. So go ahead—put Fur in more places.

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