Four Common Shaving Myths, Busted

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons


Woman applying Ingrown Concentrate oil to legs.


Remember when you first started shaving, and your friends, your mom, and your friends’ moms all gave you shaving advice?

Chances are that somewhere along the way, you received some bad advice—a type of common shaving myth that has been passed down by generations and isn’t doing anyone any good. The cycle stops with you! Here are four common shaving myths that need to be busted, so you can make sure you’re treating your skin right.

Shaving care starts with shaving cream.

Many believe that simply having a great, moisturizing shaving cream is all you need for a good, smooth shave. But shaving care actually starts before you lather on the shaving cream—it starts with how you treat your skin. Make sure you’re exfoliating pre-shave with Fur’s Silk Scrub regularly to keep your skin in tip-top, dead-skin free shape.


The more you shave, the faster your hair grows back.

This myth is a tale as old as time, and a multifaceted tale, at that—you may have been told that shaving more makes your hair grow back faster, longer, thicker, etc.—the list goes on. It may scare you into only shaving in the summer months, or only for Friday night.

Thank goodness it’s a myth! You can shave that stubble—shave everyday, if you’d like!—and you run no risk of thicker or longer hair. However, if you’re still worried, try Fur’s Stubble Cream as a moisturizer to soften your stubble pre-shave.


For a closer shave, use more pressure.

This one seems to be a myth of physics: the harder you push your razor onto your skin, the closer of a shave it will get, right? Mm, not necessarily—and this is actually a great way to accidentally nick yourself.

Your shave should be just fine, sans the pressure—but if you want to go the extra mile, our Fur Oil helps to clear your pores so your shave is as close as can be.

Only shaving causes ingrown hairs.

You may have switched to a waxing routine because someone once told you that ingrown hairs are more likely to occur from shaving, but this is also not true. Ingrown hairs can occur from any type of hair removal process—so skip the wax if it hurts! To make sure you’re avoiding ingrown hairs, try a product like our Ingrown Concentrate to remedy the irritation.

And now you’re set! Now that you know the truth about some of these shaving myths, you can be in more control of your hair-removal processes, and get the right products for your needs.

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