Meet Fur Chartreuse

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

You know millennial pink. Now meet her slept on cousin, chartreuse. 

Chartreuse first came on the scene as a French liqueur developed by monks in the 1600s, and was meant to be "an elixir of long life." It was a 110 proof (!!!) liquer made from 130 aged herbs, plants and flowers. All natural, just like FUR, but the monks probably weren't thinking about how to get rid of ingrowns. 

Chartreuse the color has been popping up ever since—icons from Debby Harry to Bjork to Rihanna have all used the color to stunt on us mortals.

Debby Harry, Bjork, and Rihanna all in green dresses.

Fur Oil and Ingrown Concentrate both have that signature chartreuse color, courtesy of the blended essential oils. Like those French monks, no artificial colors were added to create it! Mother Nature approves, and so does your skin.


Pablo Picasso / Chartreuse ads circa 1960s.

Pablo Picasso, Chartreuse ads circa 1960s

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