Why Fur Oil Is Changing the Game for Haircare

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons


Fur Oil alongside vases with plants / Back of a woman's head with braid in her hair.


When Into the Gloss interviewed actress Emma Watson about her beauty regimen, she mentioned that she uses none other than our signature product,  Fur Oil—“anywhere from the ends of my hair to my eyebrows to my pubic hair,” she shared.

Hair care is just as important as skincare, and the two aren’t as siloed as you think. We often have our products for our hair and products for our skin, but remember that our hair follicles are in our skin—so for regimens such as shaving, you’ll want a product that takes care of both.

Softening the fur on your legs, armpits, or pubic area pre-shaving will ease the shaving process, irritating the skin less. Dry fur on dry skin inevitably turns up with bumps and ingrown hairs. If you’re consistent about giving your fur some love with Fur Oil, you’ll be set!

Fur Oil is lightweight enough so you can put it in your hair (as in, the hair on your head) without it looking too greasy, but potent enough to soften both hair and skin upon one use. With the perfect cocktail of oils like grapeseed oil, clary sage oil, jojoba oil, and tea tree oil, this non-toxic, all clean game changer was created to soften hair all over your body. Bleach your hair last week? Soothe the split ends with a touch of Fur Oil. Eyebrows need an extra something? Take Emma Watson’s advice, and add a little there! And, we simply don’t talk about pubic hair enough—to make up for the years of disregarding it, lather some Fur Oil on that fur!

When adding Fur oil to your body, you’ll notice a lovely light fragrance - but don’t worry. Just because you need to do some serious Fur Oil therapy on your split ends after straightening your hair at too high a heat doesn’t mean your coworkers will be able to smell you (however lovely the scent) from across the office. The scent disappears in minutes, as does any residue. We know oil can get a bad rep (ever tried a face mask with olive oil, only to ruin everything in sight?), so we made sure that Fur Oil is lightweight enough to avoid that greasy feel.

Fur Oil was created for everybody and everybody - regardless of your regimen. Whether you choose to shave or keep your fur, Fur Oil soothes skin and softens hair. It doesn’t hurt that it’s gluten free or vegan, either. Thanks for the rec, Emma Watson! We’ll be here, softening our hair with Fur Oil.

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