Fur We Love: Jamie Simone

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

This post is part of an ongoing series called Fur We Love, where we focus on people's relationship to their hair and the routines they've built around haircare. This week, we talked to Jamie Simone, an LA based creative and model, about the 70s, Carole Kane, and arm hair.


Jamie Simone 

What are some of your haircare and grooming routines for hair all over?  

I usually wash my hair every day. I'll only shampoo it a few times a week and then i'll use a curl conditioner once a day. If I want my hair to maintain a tighter curl, I'll only condition it and let it naturally air dry without touching it. I've been really into making my hair as huge and voluminous as possible lately though—maybe I've been watching too many 70s films. I'll let it dry naturally and then brush and tease it so it's super big and crazy.


What hairstyles make you feel the most confident? 

I got bangs a couple of years ago for the first time since I was 18 and I always say I'm going to grow them out but I love them so much especially now that I've embraced my natural hair texture. I also love post-beach hair. I have yet to figure out a way to get that look without going in the ocean though. Haha.


What's one trick that always works for you?

If I want to maintain my curl, I can't touch my hair. So I'll get out of the shower scrunch it a little and then try not to play with it.

 Jamie Simone

Was there ever a time you didn't feel comfortable with your hair?

I don't think I really knew how to embrace my natural texture until my mid-20s. It's like I woke up one day and realized my curly hair was actually really cool and not a nuisance. It's amazing and is so versatile! I was obsessed with having straight, long hair when I was younger. I remember in the 4th grade I went to my mom's hairdresser and told him I wanted my hair cut like Phoebe on Friends. It's definitely something I hid behind well into adulthood, but I'm so glad I had that A-HA hair moment.


What's one style you had to try, but are happy to leave behind?

Ugh, the straightener—and I'm talking the early 2000s straightener where you put the water inside of it and it basically steamed your hair? I can't even imagine how badly I damaged it during middle/high school. I had bangs in high school, but I always wanted them to be pin straight and they ended up looking insane most of the time. I also had one of those very intense emo sort of swipes and my best friend's sister was going to hairdressing school at the time so we would let her dye our hair all these crazy colors. It looked cool, but I was so bad at maintaining it. The dye would fade and my hair would be some crazy puke green color.


Do you have a memory of a time you weren't always comfortable with your hair? How'd you overcome it?

I was so uncomfortable with my body hair as a teen. I'm Italian-American and everyone in my family is super hairy. I remember hating my arm hair so much. My friends and I would shave our arms which is so insane to think about now. I remember once I used Nair on my arms and left it on too long and burnt my arms. My mom made me throw it away. I think after that I realized arms are meant to be hairy. It's okay!


Who would you consider a hair icon or inspiration?

 Carol Kane's hair in the 70s—I could only hope to achieve that type of volume. I always think about Linda Evangelista's bob from the 90s, too. So legendary.

 Carol Kane and Linda Evangelista, Jamie Simone's hair inspirations.

What do you love most about your hair?

As far as body hair, wouldn't trade my arm hair in for the world! haha. I feel like as I get older I'm noticing hair in places it wasn't before. I've accepted my happy trail and that one hair that grows out of my neck sometimes granted I pluck it but I still love her! I love the versatility of my hair. It really can do anything and I love my curls. I can't believe I spent so long fighting against them. I wouldn't be me without the curls.

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