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Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

This post is part of an ongoing series called Fur We Love, where we focus on women's relationship to their hair and the routines they've built around haircare. We talked to Sara Cath, an LA based model, photographer, & musician, about taking inspo from Renaissance updos, Natasha Lyonne, and surviving the flat iron hair craze of the 90s.


Woman with curly hair.


We are a body positive hair care brand for all over use on head and body hair - what are some of your haircare and grooming routines? 

My grooming routines are an essential part of my life. Because my hair takes a lot of time & patience, I've found a way to curate my routines so I have something to look forward to. Three times a week, I shampoo, detangle, condition, & air dry while listening to my long distance best friend’s podcast. It’s a cool way to stay in touch with her & with myself all at once. And as for the hair on the rest of my body, I typically let it be. Lately I've been using Fur Oil to stay soft!


What hairstyle makes you feel the most confident? 

The hairstyle that makes me feel most confident is when it is doing its thing. & when I put my hair up, it often shakes itself out into a renaissance-like up/down do. I’ve tried to recreate it to be photographed but it truly does what it wants, when it wants. It’s a poetic reflection of who I am.

Nude woman with long curly hair.

What's one trick that always works for you?

One trick that always works for me is a thorough detangle & air dry. Taking the time to go through every strand by hand with conditioner & sitting down with a book, letting my hair fall onto a towel behind me.


How has your relationship to your hair changed over time?

I haven’t always had it easy with my hair. During a time where flat ironing was the norm, my curls were a catalyst for adolescent bullying. But after years of just owning it, I love it now. In high school, i remember watching a 90s movie starring Natasha Lyonne and thinking “hey, there’s someone else out there with hair like mine. She’s cool. I’m cool. We’re good.” So while the beauty industry has changed since, it makes me happy that I might still be that person for someone now.

Woman in striped shirt with her hands raised / woman in red shirt with curly hair.


What's one hair or grooming style you had to try but are happy to leave behind?

By the age of 8 years old, I was relaxing my hair. It didn’t “fix the problem” & caused me to believe there was no way for me to have an acceptable appearance. So it took unlearning that there was even a problem at all for me to actually enjoy my life as a person with curly hair. so happy to be over that!


Do you have a hair icon you look to for inspiration?

Anyone that rocks their natural hair is an icon to me. 


What do you love the most about your hair? 

I love my hair because it is a conversation starter, it has helped me maintain healthy self care routines, & because through accepting myself, I can help others learn to accept themselves too. 


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