Fur We Love: Sarah Kennedy

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

This post is part of an ongoing series called Fur We Love, where we focus on women's relationship to their hair and the routines they've built around haircare. We talked to Sarah Kennedy, an artist and current team member at East Fork Pottery in Atlanta, about her curls, tiny mustaches, Jenny Slate, and having fun.


Woman in red dress with curly hair / woman with curly hair with arm raised.


What are some of your haircare and grooming routines for hair allover? 

I’m all about moisturizing my hair! The curls on my head need as much conditioner as possible and when I choose to keep my body hair long, I find it’s helpful to treat it similarly.  My body hair is naturally very course and curly so it’s important to use products like Fur Oil and Everyday Oil to keep from getting gnarly ingrowns. I use Fur everyday on my pubic hair and on my legs regardless of whether or not I’ve been shaving those areas. Sometimes oils are too much for my face so if I choose to pluck my upper lip, eyebrows, etc. I usually just try to let the skin breathe for a bit and apply my everyday moisturizer over the area. 



What hair style makes you feel the most confident? 

I’ve shaved my head three times usually because I was tired of dealing with my curls. I’ve recently realized it was because I just didn’t understand what “their” wants and needs were. Now my curls and I get along great and I think I would feel lost without them. They really suit my personality!!


What's one trick that always works for you?  

If my body hair is starting to make me feel weird (which still happens from time to time) I like to totally let it all grown wild for a few weeks as a brain reset. If I just stop thinking about it during my day-to-day beauty routine it becomes less intimidating and has less power over my sense of self-worth/beauty. As long as all my hair is clean and well moisturized, I’m good!


Woman with curly hair / woman with curly hair holding baguette.


How has your relationship to your hair changed over time? 

Just like anything else I change my mind about my body hair style constantly. I like that I have the ability to choose whether I shave my legs, armpits, pubic hair, etc. I like to mix it up from week to week! Currently I've been shaving my legs and bikini line but keeping my underarms untouched. Because my hair is so naturally dark I also have learned to love my tiny mustache, chin hair, and dark hair on my belly.  I still feel embarrassed by it sometimes but I’m working on it!!!


What's one hair or grooming style you had to try but are happy to  have left behind?

I bleached my whole head when I was 19 because I was desperate for pink hair. My hair was absolutely the color of straw. A rough time for my curls…..


Do you have a hair icon or someone in your life you look to for inspiration? 

I’m obsessed with Jenny Slate’s curly hair and Miranda July’s curls. Both women seem to have hair texture similar to mine so it’s nice to have inspiration photos to bring to the salon. I also love Julia Roberts’ armpit hair from the Notting Hill premiere in 1999.


Women with curly hair / woman with full underarm hair with arm raised.

What do you love the most about your hair? 

I’m happy to be at a place in my life where I accept the hair on my head and on my body as a part of me and not something that can cause me shame. Many men (parents too!) have made comments and “suggestions” when it comes to my body hair. It no longer phases me! It’s just hair and it can be as fun as you let it be :)


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