Get To Know The Super Set

Posted by: Ashley Lieberman

Here at Fur, we’re strong believers in natural body care, for every part of the body, for everybody. Keeping any and all skin types and hair preferences in mind, our new Super Set is your go-to toolkit for tackling every skin and hair concern under the sun. Loaded with natural oils, enzymes, and extracts, each formula is designed to nourish and rejuvenate hair and skin. (And hey, you also get a super cute deluxe tote!)

Let’s break down the Super Set:

Start in the shower with our dual-action exfoliator, Silk Scrub. Apply it anywhere that feels rough or bumpy—for extra exfoliation, leave on for up to five minutes as a mask. Pair it with our reusable, textured finger mitts (that are included with Ingrown Concentrate), for silky, soft skin. To use as a physical exfoliant, keep your finger mitt in the shower—getting your skin wet helps prevent unnecessary chafe when you exfoliate. Use the rougher side on elbows, feet, and skin that feels tougher and rougher. Use the softer side to gently polish more sensitive areas like your bikini line, armpits, and face.

If you prefer to shave this would be the time to do so. Lather a dollop of our Shave Cream anywhere you plan on shaving and get to work! Shave Cream is formulated with Marshmallow Root Extract and Olive Oil to hydrate and protect the skin from any inflammation that comes with shaving. Shave, then rinse with our daily pH-balanced All Body Wash. With balancing & cleansing ingredients, it’s gentle enough for use on your pubic area, but effective from head to toe. Apply All Body Wash liberally onto wet skin. As you lather, the oil transforms into a spreadable, sudsy wash. Once finished cleansing, rinse off for soft, hydrated skin free of any residue.

Out of the shower, apply Fur Oil onto any coarse, itchy hair needing moisture. Our signature Fur Oil is meant to be used everywhere hair meets skin! Made with Tea Tree Oil and Jojoba Oil, Fur Oil can be applied anywhere you want to soothe and smooth. For best results, we recommend incorporating Fur Oil into your daily ritual.

Next, apply Ingrown Eliminator onto any stubborn ingrowns or irritation. Or, use Ingrown Concentrate to soothe more sensitive skin immediately post hair removal. You can either use Ingrown Concentrate as a soothing spot treatment, or if you’re prone to bumps, daily use might be best as a preventative measure.

Finally, apply Stubble Cream as the last step in your routine. Stubble Cream’s 100% natural formula is ideal for daily use to hydrate the skin, and soften hair to prevent razor burn and ingrowns.

And whenever you need a soothing, moisturizing bath, drop in 2-3 Bath Drops in warm water and soak!

At the end of the day, keeping your hair and skin happy and healthy shouldn’t be complicated, and we love that the Super Set can be used from head to toe, and wherever needed. Get the full Fur experience with our entire core line in an uncomplicated kit and get ready to begin your new body care routine.