How the experts use Fur Oil & Ingrown Concentrate

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

Fur Oil and Ingrown Concentrate alongside plants and painted rocks.

For the month of August, we’re tapping our network of salon and esthetician partners to give us expert advice on how to take care of body hair and skin, no matter how you choose to groom. This week’s topic? How the experts use Fur Oil and Ingrown Concentrate!

Fur Oil and Ingrown Concentrate on a shelf with the text "What's the difference between Fur Oil and Ingrown Concentrate?"

“We always tell our clients that Fur Oil is a preventive and Ingrown Concentrate is a treatment. Fur Oil softens hair and clears pores. Ingrown Concentrate and the provided scrubby mitt is perfect for spot treating and soothing ingrown hairs.”  —Mary Snyder, WAX Nashville

“Fur Oil is great to use every day to keep skin and hair soft and supple. Use it as maintenance in between wax appointments to help get flawless results every time. Ingrown Concentrate is used to spot treat stubborn ingrowns—it helps speed up the healing process. It also helps hydrate skin & hair and helps get better results on stubborn hairs.” –Ashley Synatzske, owner of Ethereal Wax

Fur Oil on a tray with the text "When and where do you use Fur Oil?".

“I LOVE to use Fur Oil all over the body. It’s especially amazing for the pubic area, but my husband loves using it on his beard to promote a healthy shine.” —Mckenze Trachuk, owner of The Wax Room 

“It can be used EVERYWHERE. It's such a fabulous product to use not only on your bikini line but anywhere from the tips of your hair to dry hands, legs, etc.” —Monique Faddis, esthetician at Salt Wax Society

“We even use it on our hair and nails!” —Mary Snyder, WAX Nashville

Ingrown Concentrate on green marble tray with the text "When and where do you use Ingrown Concentrate?".

“I love using the Ingrown Concentrate to speed up the healing process on a stubborn cystic-like ingrown hair.” —Mckenze Trachuk, owner of The Wax Room

“Use it right out of the shower, after exfoliating with the included mitt. We use it on the bikini area, underarms, legs, and even face!” —Mary Snyder, WAX Nashville

“It’s especially wonderful on stubborn chin & lip hair. It keeps skin clear and helps hairs from breaking off at the surface, leaving behind a prickly hair.”  —Ashley Synatzske, owner of Ethereal Wax

“Use it to spot treat ingrown hairs every day until the ingrown resolves.” —Leslie Hanuschik, esthetician at Bare Beauty Wax

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