How to Grow Out Your Pubic Hair

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons


In a world that often declares “bare to be better”, embracing your body’s natural hair growth can feel like a radical act of self-expression. Or, it could just be how you prefer to groom. Regardless, it’s your personal choice and we’re here to support you on whatever body hair grooming journey you’re on. So, if you’re ready to go au naturale, you’re in the right place. 

Start Smooth

STEP ONE: Soothe irritation and itchiness as hair starts to grow out with Fur Oil. As the world’s first pubic hair oil, it knows a thing or two about softening and hydrating hair down there—no matter how coarse or sensitive.

Don’t Let Ingrowns Grow In, Too

STEP TWO: The right combo of physical and chemical exfoliation will be your key to an ingrown-free growth phase. You want a potent enough pairing to make a difference, but not so overpowering that it disrupts the skin barrier. Enter Mitt Trio (physical) and Silk Scrub (chemical). Two to three times per week, buff away dead skin cells in the shower with our dual-textured Mitt. Then, come in with Silk Scrub to unclog follicles, remove excess sebum, and fight inflammation. An ingrown hair happens when hair grows back into your skin and becomes inflamed, so these steps are crucial for releasing any trapped hairs. 

Note that our formulas are all derm and gyno-tested, so they’re safe to use on even your most sensitive areas.

Keep a Hands Off Approach

STEP THREE: If an ingrown hair does happen to pop up—whatever you do, don't pick. Instant gratification via popping can be tempting, but guess what’s even more satisfying? Peeling off an Ingrown Microdart Patch after it’s worked its magic. This supercharged spot gets right to the point with microdarts that deliver actives like salicylic acid, cica, and licorice root right to the source of inflammation. Post-patch, apply a couple spritzes of Ingrown Eliminator Serum to hydrate, brighten, and keep any more spots from cropping up.

Stay Soft

STEP FOUR: Once your pubic hair has reached your desired length, you’ll want to keep Fur Oil as a consistent part of your daily grooming routine. Morning and night, apply a few drops wherever hair meets skin to keep your pubic hair soft and healthy as can be.

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