How to Make a #furchartreuse Holiday Cocktail

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

Pouring Cocktail

When it comes to holiday cocktails, most tend to veer towards the milky (eggnog, irish coffees), or the hot (hot toddy, spiced wine). But let’s be honest: it doesn’t always feel great to pound a milk drink for hours on end at a holiday party, and hot drinks aren’t the best fuel for dancing the night away. That’s where the white negroni sbagliato comes in.

This drink was inspired by the white negroni sbagliato served over at my favorite restaurant, Long Island Bar in Brooklyn Heights. It’s instantly refreshing, has a relatively low ABV level so you can toss a few back without overdoing it, and the champagne element gives it a festive, celebratory vibe. Plus, everyone knows that cocktails are discernibly better tasting when they come in #furchartreuse. Without further ado, let’s get into it:

Polaroids of Cocktail

Start with filling the glass of your choice with ice—I prefer a bigger ice cube for this, so it keeps the drink cold without melting immediately and watering the drink down. Since the entire drink gets topped off with champagne, choose the size of your glass depending on how much champagne you want to add to the recipe. I went with an on the rocks glass, but a highball glass would be nice here too.

Next, add your aperitifs. Add 1 oz each of Suze and Lillet Blanc. They both have a citrusy, earth flavor that mellows out the sweetness of the champagne and gives it a more well rounded flavor.  I would describe it as having an “elegant Mountain Dew or Gatorade Limón Pepino flavor,” but you could also just call it “refreshing.” An extra splash of orange bitters here would also add a little something to the overall aroma.

Next, top with champagne to your desired amount. Less champagne would give it a boozier flavor, and more would make it feel more akin to a spritz, so choose your own adventure! Gently stir the drink, then add an orange rind and even a slice of cucumber to be extra fancy.

Cocktail on Shelf

-1 oz Suze
-1 oz Lillet Blanc
-Top with champagne
-Dash of orange bitters
-Orange rind optional
-Cucumber slice optional
Gently stir, then enjoy! 


And for the perfect Cocktail Hour playlist to accompany your festive drink look no further: