How to Use All Body Butter

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons


When you want your skin to be giving more glazed donut, and less molting snake, look no further than All Body Butter. With just one scoop, this nourishing balm restores elasticity and hydration in cracked, dry skin and repairs your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Get to know Fur’s heaviest hitting moisturizer:

What does All Body Butter do?

Like the name suggests, All Body Butter is a thick body butter that targets cracked skin and dry, rough areas. When we were dreaming up this product, we wanted to make something that spoke to the idea of skincare as a ritual, and the feeling of taking care of yourself—but because we’re results obsessed, we knew it needed to be innovative and effectively target skin concerns. More often than not, body butters are really just body lotions repackaged into tubs, so with All Body Butter, we wanted it to be chock full of nourishing butters and waxes to truly be a “butter”, and to ensure that it could deliver the maximum amount of hydration. As part of your daily ritual, All Body Butter smooths over cracked skin, restores elasticity, and repairs your skin’s moisture barrier to keep you more hydrated over time.


What is All Body Butter made of?

All Body Butter utilizes a blend of five waxes and butters, which gives it a uniquely dense, rich texture for maximum moisture and less filler. It contains 60% less water than other body butters, in order to maximize the amount of moisture being delivered to your skin. Here are a few standouts:

Kokum, Mango, and Shea Butter

One butter just wasn’t enough for us! These three natural, vegan butters are intensely soothing with a rich, creamy texture, and deeply moisturize the skin without feeling greasy.

Hyaluronic Acid

By this point, hyaluronic acid needs no introduction as a moisturizing heavy hitter. We love it for its ability to draw in moisture and keep it within the skin, which helps to restore elasticity and repairs the skin’s moisture barrier.

Sunflower Seed & Carnauba Wax

The addition of vegan waxes further adds to All Body Butter’s rich, balm-like texture, and provides a protective layer between your skin and harsh environmental stressors. Derived from both the sunflower and the palm plant, these two ingredients repair cracked skin and prevent future dehydration.

How do you use All Body Butter?

Scoop a dollop out and massage between your palms. As you massage it into your palms, the warmth of your hands melts into it a soft, buttery texture you can spread over cracked elbows, rough knees, brittle nails, and beyond. While it’s a particularly great product to add to your skin care routine during harsher, colder seasons, it’s also perfect for using whenever your skin could use a little extra TLC. It’s dermatologically and gynecologically tested, so you can truly use it wherever you want—some of the Fur team members even use it in their hair to smooth flyaways and create a slicked back look!

What’s the difference between All Body Butter and Stubble Cream?

While All Body Butter is a thicker balm meant for dry, cracked skin, Stubble Cream is our lightweight aftershave lotion that’s best used on skin post hair-removal. All Body Butter has a rich, dense texture that relies on nourishing butters and waxes, whereas Stubble Cream’s light, whipped formula contains olive extracts to soften stubble and refine regrowth, as well as tea tree oil, clary sage, and jojoba oil to prevent ingrowns and quench razor burn. Reach for All Body Butter when you’re targeting cracked, dry skin and looking to deeply hydrate, and reach for Stubble Cream when you want a lighter aftershave that can target ingrowns, razor burn, and prickly stubble. You can also use them together to target different areas of your skin that have different needs—massage All Body Butter onto smaller, drier areas like elbows, knees, and heels, and use Stubble Cream on larger areas like legs, bikini line, or anywhere that you may have recently shaved.