Meet Kelley Baker: Hollywood’s Favorite Brow Expert

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

If you know Fur, you probably know that we’re body hair obsessed. It’s why we’ve always gotten along so well with estheticians and body hair experts; they were the first people who were game to have frank conversations around topics that most people would consider taboo. And at the end of the day, we both want the same thing: to make your grooming routine painless—and maybe a little luxurious, too.

Long story short, estheticians and body hair experts have always been the backbone of Fur. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that our newest Fur Brand Ambassador is brow expert and visionary, Kelley Baker.

With over two decades of experience in the esthetician world, and a celebrity clientele that include Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Rita Ora, and Bebe Rexha just to name a few, Kelley embodies what it truly means to be a Fur Pro. We sat down with her to discuss her meteoric rise, doing brows at the Met Gala and on Game of Thrones, and the one thing you’re probably doing wrong with your brow care.


Where are you from, and how did you get started as a brow artist?

I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I’ve always loved makeup. I started my career as a makeup artist and it eventually led me to brows.

What was the biggest challenge when growing your business? What surprised you the most?

The toughest challenge while growing my business was managing employees and learning all the dos and don’t’s (some, the hard way). It surprised me how difficult it can be to be everything to everyone while trying to scale the business, meanwhile taking care of myself and my family.

What are some of your favorite milestones in your career?

I have a couple of favorite experiences: being flown to New York to wax and shape Cardi B for the Met Gala was a fun and fabulous experience, and I was also flown to the Middle East to do brows for a client. My 10-year anniversary of owning and operating Kelley Baker Brows was definitely a milestone I’m proud of—KBB being recognized worldwide is pretty awesome!

Tell us about a moment in your career where you felt like you’d made it.

Getting booked for a full Game of Thrones season did it for me! I was behind the scenes with all the celebs, being dashed around in black SUVs from one VIP area to the next. I loved being a part of the glam team. Another fun moment was when my brow picture went viral on Instagram in 2014 (a good viral) that I still see to this day!


Does being a mom play a part in how you conduct your business? 

One thousand percent. My entire schedule (and life) is booked around what works best for my son. I now teach brow artists that they can do the same! In my trainings, I make sure to mention that they must choose the schedule that works best for them first.

Being a mother has taught me to have compassion for other mothers that have to bring their children into the salon. Allowing them to have a safe and welcoming place to come to where we can help build/maintain their confidence, because that’s our job. 

Body Care

Tell us a little about your current body care routine.

I love spray tans. In between them I use the Fur Silk Scrub and Finger Mitt to exfoliate and buff, prepping my skin for the next tan! I finish off with a daily dose of Fur Oil to keep moisturized everywhere. I’m obsessed with the Wash Cloth wipes for all around use. They are perfect for taking off makeup and cleansing the skin. At any given time, you can find a handful in my purse because I’m always on the go.

If you were deserted on an island, what’s the one beauty product you’d bring?

I’m not a rule follower, so I would bring two! My brow defining pencil and Fur Oil for dry skin! 

Brow No-Nos

What’s a common mistake you see clients make when it comes to grooming?

Some common mistakes I see are people over-tweezing their brows and using the wrong products to fill them in. I often see a lot of heavy or overdrawn brows—some with the absolute wrong color! Less is more: we should just compliment our natural brow.  

Last Word

What’s the most important piece of advice you could give us when it comes to grooming and body care?

Most importantly, stick with the pros! We are in this business for a reason. We have passion and a talent for what we do, we study and collaborate with one another to learn techniques, tips, tricks to pass on to you for home. Make visiting your local esthetician a part of your monthly maintenance routine.