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Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons


Hi! Meet your new shower staple, Silk Scrub. 👋

Silk Scrub against a white background / Silk Scrub swiped on a green dish.

A year ago, we started asking you guys what you wanted out of Fur—and you delivered! A staggering number of our survey responders wanted something that could exfoliate, get rid of hyper-pigmentation, and prevent ingrowns. So we got to work. 

Fur product development process: samples, emails, and a survey:

After countless package designs, formulas, names, and scary long email threads, we came up with Silk Scrub. It's an all natural, powerful exfoliator that is gentle enough for your pubic area, but tough enough to buff away dirt and dead skin anywhere on the body. The physical exfoliating agents are jojoba beads, the natural alternative to those evil plastic microbeads, which help smooth your skin and unclog the follicles to make sure ingrowns don't crop up. The chemical exfoliator, or gommage, are papaya and pineapple enzymes that remove dead skin cells and break down hair follicles to make pores appear smaller and fight inflammation. On top of that, it’s packed with glycolic and lactic acids (alpha hydroxy acids, or AHAs, for the chemists out there) that break the bonds between dead skin cells to enhance your skin’s natural moisturizing abilities and brighten uneven skin tone.


Woman applying Silk Scrub to her leg / Woman holding bottle of Silk Scrub.


For up top, down there, and everywhere in between. Smoother skin, zero ingrowns, naturally. 

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