Meet the Fur Founders: Lillian

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

Lillian Tung / Flowers next to a bottle of Fur oil.

Ever wanted to know how the Fur founders do it? We begged Lillian Tung, CMO and co-founder, to give us the intel on her bath routine. 

I’ve loved baths since I was young. I’m talking as an eight year old camped out in the bath tub with bubbles, a great book (maybe Laura Ingalls Wilder?), and chocolate!  Since getting older, I can’t say my routine has gotten more sophisticated but certainly more complicated.

Any time I feel even the slightest twinge of an ache or a germ I’ll run a hot bath and soak as long as possible. Unfortunately, what used to be almost an hour long affair has been drastically shortened to about 15-20 minutes at time with an active toddler always looking for me. First up is running the hot water hot to fill up the tub but only half way. This is a key step as I hate when the water starts to turn lukewarm so I’m constantly refilling the tub while soaking. I have to leave enough space for the top off! While the water is running I pour in a lot of Fur Oil (yes, it's a founder perk) and also some great argan oil I got on a trip to Morocco. A couple additional pumps of that really amps up the overall softening effect. 

My other key bath routine props are my iPad (to read, not work), and a glass of water (no ice). I don’t play any music as I like the relaxing sound of water.

If I really have enough time and foresight I’ll plan a massage followed by the bath. I have a great masseuse who comes to my home and she even knows that my go to massage oil is Fur Oil (of course!). We’ll do an all over body massage including scalp and face massage. I then let the oil sit while prepping the tub.

 Post bath is where I start using more products. When I know I’m about to finish I use my Clarisonic paired with our new Silk Scrub and apply to my face. I’ve been using it for the past six months as we developed the formula and it’s done wonders for smoothing my skin especially with the salt, sand, and sun from the summer. While I let the Silk Scrub sit as a mask I move onto hair. I alternate between Briogeo Scalp Revival and Kérastase Résistance Bain Volumifique and my conditioner is L’Oreal Total Repair 5 balm. It’s the only thing that takes care of my super processed hair.

I let that sit and exfoliate the rest of my body with Silk Scrub and for the more ingrown prone places I use the Ingrown Concentrate’s mitt. Rough side on legs, delicate side on pubic area. Once I’m out, I use an oversized bath sheet to dry and a microfiber hair towel and finish up by moisturizing with an ample amount of Stubble Cream.

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